SuccessFactors Offers Free Trial of Professional Edition for Small Organizations…from SuccessFactors

Enables Companies of Up to 500 Employees to ‘Kick the Tires’ on the Best Performance Management Solution


HRchitect featured SuccessFactors in our May 2008 release of The Suite Life of Integrated Talent Management.


SuccessFactors, Inc. (NASDAQ:SFSF), the global leader in on-demand performance and talent management solutions, this week announced the availability of a new Free Trial Program to allow small companies to test-drive SuccessFactors Professional Edition ULTRA. Designed for organizations of up to 500 employees, Professional Edition leverages Web 2.0 technologies to deliver optimized employee performance to organizations in every industry.


This Free Trial Program comes stocked with built-in product assistance, a three-minute video and guided tutorials, and core features such as a goal wizards, writing and coaching assistants, interactive organizational charts and employee profile. This enables companies to instantly have a direct, hands-on experience in trying out the product for their environment, on their own time.


SuccessFactors Professional Edition ULTRA with Self-Service Administration makes it easier than ever for small and mid-sized businesses to get up and running with an intuitive, easy-to-use suite of applications for managing goals, performance reviews, 360 degree reviews, and compensation management. Professional Edition gives SMBs powerful on-demand solutions presented in a non-intimidating format that is as approachable as an everyday online consumer site, integrating Web 2.0 technology from some of today’s popular and viral consumer-facing applications to enable employees to interact with each other similar to social media and networking-type communities.


SuccessFactors’ SMB offerings bring enterprise-class best practices to small and mid-sized businesses. The Web-based, Software-as-a-Service technology model enables SMBs in all industries to cost-effectively implement the technology without the need for extensive IT support. By providing real-time, company-wide visibility into such critical performance data, companies are able to make better, more informed decisions about how to promote, recruit, compensate, reward and manage their employee base.


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Matt Lafata, HRchitect

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