New Video Resume Tool from TalentRooster Empowers Companies to See and Hear Candidates BEFORE the Interview…by TalentRooster


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TalentRooster (, the world’s leading video resume service today announced the release of a new record-from-home video resume tool. This new technology enables hiring managers to send a link to job candidates, providing them with an easy do-it-yourself tool to create a professional video resume from home. Hiring managers can select questions relevant to the position, which the candidate then answers in a video. There are written questions as well, should the hiring manager desire to include them.

TalentRooster CEO and President David DeCapua says savvy companies have to be on top of the latest trends to attract the best candidates. “In the near future, video resumes will be a vital part of every hiring process. Progressive companies are already migrating away from paper, which is a dated methodology — plus, candidates watch to see employers that are progressive — that’s who top talent want to work for.”

David continues, “TalentRooster video profiles are inclusive of a traditional resume, video resume, personality profile, relevant test scores, links to social media and more. Utilizing this technology can save companies untold sums of time and money — it just makes better sense. Besides, in the next 12-24 months the traditional paper resume will be obsolete. Companies need a strategy to address this technology trend.”

This “intelligent resume” format holds great appeal for employers over paper resumes. According to Lauren Newman, Communications Coordinator for Adams & Garth, “Resumes can be deceiving, but videos don’t lie. Video profiles can give you good insight into a person.” So appealing is this format that TalentRooster now houses more than 5,000 video resumes in its repository.

TalentRooster’s record-from-home video tool is the simplest way for an employer to source candidates because the software is intuitive and packed with guides and tutorials to walk the candidate through every step of the process. Hiring managers can get started by visiting

For more information on TalentRooster, please visit
Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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