Kronos Introduces New Mobile Applications…from Kronos


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Kronos Incorporated recently announced revolutionary new mobile applications as the next step in its vision for the next generation of workforce management. Kronos® mobile applications improve productivity by making it easier for managers and employees to complete a wide range of workforce related tasks using a variety of mobile devices.

News Facts

Kronos mobile applications give employees and managers flexibility in how they interact with each other and provide an anytime, anyplace, instant connection to the Kronos Workforce Central® suite. For employees this translates into easy access to critical aspects of their working life from the mobile devices they already use and are familiar with. For managers it means more time to focus on running their operation.

  • Workforce Mobile™ Manager allows managers to use their mobile devices to monitor operations, to resolve exceptions, and to respond quickly to employee requests, such as approving timecards and granting time-off requests.
  • Workforce Mobile™ Employee enables employees to track their work in real time, leading to the automatic creation of timely and accurate timesheets. Employees can quickly and easily review information such as schedules and timecards. They can request time off and, if appropriate, punch-in and out from remote work locations.

Kronos mobile applications are designed around how people naturally communicate in today’s fast-paced world. They are delivered as native applications for the Android™, iPhone®, BlackBerry®, and iPad® tablet, providing a familiar user experience in each environment. A Java-based option is also available which runs on a wide range of mobile devices. 

Supporting Quotes

  • Peter George, chief technology officer, Kronos
    “Today’s workforce enthusiastically embraces cellular phones, smart phones, and tablets for everyday activities. Workforce Mobile adds workforce management applications to the essential toolkit of a well-equipped modern workforce.”
  • Josh Bersin, CEO and president, Bersin & Associates
    “There are now more than one billion mobile phones in the world. Workforce management applications like employee scheduling, time and attendance, and absence management are natural extensions for a mobile environment. By pioneering this solution, Kronos will help companies around the world more accurately and efficiently manage their workforce.”
  • Lisa Rowan, program director of HR, learning, and talent research, IDC
    “Kronos has recognized that the world we live and work in is becoming a largely mobile one with more than 85 percent of Americans now owning a cell phone. The company’s new mobile applications will make it easier for managers to communicate with employees and represents a big step forward in the world of workforce management solutions.”
  • Mark Smith, CEO and executive vice president of research, Ventana Research
    “The importance of providing mobile access to manager and employees has changed dramatically with the growth of smart phones and tablets used by individuals of all ages. It is essential that you provide simple access to applications like Kronos is doing with its new mobile versions and engage the workforce to increase productivity but also the performance of them too.”

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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