Kenexa CEO Rudy Karsan Hits Best Seller Lists with “We”…from Kenexa


Employee Engagement Book in High Demand as Employers and Employees Seek Satisfaction

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Kenexa (NASDAQ:KNXA), a global provider of business solutions for human resources, today announced that its Chairman and CEO, Rudy Karsan’s book, “We: How to Increase Performance and Profits Through Full Engagement,” is on both The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists. Released in January 2011, “We” has ranked number two on USA Today’s Money list and number seven on the New York Times’ Hardcover Advice, How-To and Miscellaneous list.   

Karsan teamed with Kevin Kruse, CEO of Kr? Research, on this workplace leadership and employee job satisfaction guide and Tony Hsieh, CEO of, wrote its foreword.    

We argues that while an employee can be successful despite dissatisfaction and happy without engagement, true success comes when the goals of the company and its employees are aligned. The book makes clear that employees must actively manage their careers and adapt successfully to change if they want to achieve security in today’s global economy. The authors also demonstrate that achieving full workplace engagement is the responsibility of both employer and employee.  

“During these challenging times, Karsan and Kruse remind us that successful businesses are built by dedicated workers,” remarked author of “Taking the Hill,” and Pennsylvania Congressman Patrick Murphy. “We: How to Increase Performance and Profits through Full Engagement should be read by everyone interested in building high-performing teams.” 

Karsan and Kruse identify three common factors that keep employees engaged and productive:  growth, recognition and trust. The human resources and business experts rely on research findings from over 10 million worker surveys and case studies that point to employee job satisfaction and emotional investment as major contributing factors to overall business profitability and, just as importantly, the quality of life experienced by the organization’s employees.   

“If you take just one message away from this book, make it this: the idea that work and life are separate entities is an illusion.  Everything is your life.  And you spend far too much time ‘at work’ for it not to be an enjoyable, fulfilling, and yes, an engaging experience,” noted Karsan and Kruse in the book’s first chapter. “But the We approach is one that says stop striving for a work-life balance, and begin to craft a work-life blend.”  

“We” is available in hardcover through, Barnes & Noble, Borders and Indie Bound. The list price is $24.95; ISBN: 978-0-47076743-6.  

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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