Charles S. Jones Recognized As Top Catalyst Entrepreneur…from Peopleclick Authoria


Chairman and CEO of Peopleclick Authoria Honored for Significant Impact on Triangle Business Community

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In a formal ceremony last night, Charles S. Jones, Chairman and CEO of Peopleclick Authoria, was honored as one of the top entrepreneurs in the triangle business community. Business Leader Media recognized Mr. Jones for the strong contributions he has made and the significant impact his company has had on the business community at large. Peopleclick Authoria, currently serves 60 percent of the Fortune 100 with best-of-breed suite solutions for Talent Management, Vendor Management and Workforce Compliance and Diversity.

Commenting on the award, Mr. Jones said “As the CEO of an international software company in a growth market, it is a particular honor for me to be acknowledged as a leader within the triangle community, a region of our country long identified as a cornerstone of technology innovation. As we continue to grow our business, we are very pleased to maintain our headquarters and strong presence in Raleigh, a community from which we have received great support and talent and to which we will continue to contribute. Tonight’s recognition is, indeed, an honor for me and for all of the employees at Peopleclick Authoria for whom I accept it.”

Business Leader Media develops magazines, Web sites, e-newsletters and events that support the critical local market information needs of C-level business leaders. The Top Catalyst Entrepreneur Award is given each year to dynamic and outstanding business professionals who greatly contribute to the growth of their communities. Each winner is a visionary and innovator who helps revitalize the local economy, create job opportunities and generate strong company revenues.

To learn more about Peopleclick Authoria, please visit
Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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