SmartSearch® announces release of Version 15 upgrade…by SmartSearch


Latest Version of industry-leading applicant tracking system features new User Interface, improved Dashboard, and advanced document management

HRchitect includes SmartSearch in our list of top Talent Acquisition Systems vendors that businesses should consider. Doug Coull, President & CEO, and LJ Morris, CTO with SmartSearch appeared on the HRchitect WebMingle on March 6, 2009. If you are looking for a new Talent Management System, or any HR system, don’t rely solely on “recommendations” or published reports. Do yourself a huge favor and talk to HRchitect first. After 14 years, HRchitect has unparalleled knowledge of the HR and Talent Management vendor community and can save you time and money in selection and implementation. Simply put, do not invest in any kind of HR technology without consulting with the experts first. HRchitect is always available to help!

Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch®, a leading applicant tracking system, announces the release of its highly anticipated Version 15 is scheduled for April 30, 2011.

SmartSearch® Version 15 features a sleek, updated user interface that provides additional self-configuration options, allowing users to set their own preferences for displaying information as well as aligning workflow automation tools to fit the organization’s unique hiring process for tracking and reporting. This includes a comprehensive suite of new, self-customizable Dashboard options and “reports at a glance” that provide both graphs and a snapshot of activity, analytics and performance metrics.

“SmartSearch creates a user-friendly environment that lets you manage data, your way,” said Doug Coull, CEO of APS, “The new Version 15 offers more options than ever before to create new fields and views, populate drop-down lists to display only the information you need, and create your own candidate ‘spotlight’ screen for instant access to the candidate’s history, notes, status and recruiting activity.”

The new Version 15 also features advanced document management capability to support “green recruiting” with paperless doc storage, and enhanced ability to collect information from candidates via the organization’s Career Center. Similar to the tree-structure in Word or Outlook, SmartSearch® v15 document management allows user to name and organize resumes, cover letters, candidate correspondence, on-boarding information and other documentation as desired.

SmartSearch® is one of few applicant tracking systems that supports both PC and MAC platforms, and that’s flexible enough to serve both staffing companies as well as corporate employers in public, private and non-profit sectors.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and applications for managing all employment-related information, SmartSearch® shares data via XML or web services to export/import information and facilitate exchange of data to HRIS, ERP, payroll, or accounting systems.  Data export can include new hires, pay changes, terminations, timecards, expenses, approval routing, and more. With advanced API capabilities, SmartSearch® Version 15 adds more power to share data between applications. In addition, SmartSearch® supports integration with many internal and external applications—such as VoIP, text messaging, background checking, and pre-employment assessments—creating the optimum platform for sharing information, eliminating duplicate data entry, and ensuring data integrity to better manage talent acquisition and staffing.

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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