Peopleclick Authoria Launches Compensation Forum to Drive Compensation Program Dialog, Impact and Opportunities in Recovering Economy.…from Peopleclick Authoria


First-of-its-Kind Community Site, Enriched by Industry Leading Content from Mercer, Promotes Best Practices and Discussion of Key Compensation Trends Among Thought Leaders and HR

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Peopleclick Authoria, offering a unique combination of best-of-breed suite solutions for Talent Management, Vendor Management and Workforce Compliance and Diversity, recently announced the launch of the Compensation Forum.   This interactive online community serves as a first-of-its-kind centralized destination where HR executives, compensation professionals, thought leaders and industry pundits can exchange innovative ideas and promote new thinking on the business-critical topics around compensation.  Compensation Forum, enriched by the broad content, global surveys and leading research of Mercer – the global leader for trusted HR and related financial advice, products and services – will focus on the increasingly strategic role of compensation initiatives across the entire Talent Management chain to build profitability and to propel organizational success in a recovering economy. 

“Peopleclick Authoria’s long history of technology innovation and leadership in the Talent Management arena ideally positions the company to design and launch the Compensation Forum to foster community dialog and progress in understanding and addressing the strategic role of compensation within the context of pay for performance programs, executive and board room analytics, management dashboard, blended workforces, succession planning and compliance, among many other emerging compensation initiatives that integrate across a range of talent management functions,” said Ms. Pat Milligan, President of Human Capital at Mercer.  “We see an ever-increasing need for this type of forum as compensation continues to be a complex and strategic lever in corporate performance, strategy and profitability.  We are pleased to bring to bear the strength of our talent and rewards research and data to drive the important agenda and ongoing discussion of this influential industry group.”

The Compensation Forum launch coincided with the recent WorldatWork Total Rewards 2011 Conference & Exhibition in San Diego. At the event, total rewards experts from around the globe came together to share the latest in dynamic solutions and answers for helping organizations not only find top talent, but also address ways to retain those employees and maintain productivity. With the Compensation Forum, professional networking and strategic compensation management conversations have a place to continue long after the conference ends.

“The momentum leading up to this year’s Total Rewards Conference has been unparalleled as organizations realize the strategic importance of implementing strong compensation management processes that work closely with performance management programs,” stated Charles S. Jones, Chairman and CEO of Peopleclick Authoria. “Our goal with the Compensation Forum is to create a place where professionals and thought leaders can advance the most relevant market issues and continue to propel the strategic and influential impact of integrated compensation decisions with performance and succession with the end goal of driving organizations towards increased profitability and success.”

At the Compensation Forum, industry professionals can interact by asking questions, providing answers, sharing commentary and exchanging ideas on a message board dedicated to different topics covering varying areas of compensation management. The Compensation Forum also features pertinent blog posts and timely commentary on the issues most relevant to compensation professionals.

To learn more about Peopleclick Authoria, please visit
Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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