Ultimate Delivers Global Workforce Insight, Enhances Talent Management, and Extends Web Services…from Ultimate Software


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Ultimate Software (Nasdaq: ULTI), a leading provider of unified human capital management (HCM) SaaS solutions for global businesses, today announced the Spring 2011 release of UltiPro HCM.

The latest edition of UltiPro provides enhanced functionality for visibility into a global workforce, adds new talent management capabilities, and extends Ultimate’s portfolio of Web Services-based application protocol interfaces (APIs) for connectivity to the enterprise ecosystem. Additionally, just as consumer Web applications use search as a primary mechanism to navigate rapidly and effectively, UltiPro now allows users to navigate through the application via search.

Global Workforce Insight

In response to growing demand for visibility into the entire multinational organization, UltiPro Spring 2011 delivers new capabilities for real-time insight across a global workforce as well as global compensation management and reporting, including: 

  • Budgeting and forecasting for global workforce compensation
  • Enhanced currency conversion for country-specific reporting and global compensation analysis
  • Additional standard reports on global employee demographics and compensation

Enhanced Talent Management

UltiPro Spring 2011 offers more versatile performance management features that enable customers to configure the solution to best fit their unique organizational requirements, including: 

  • More flexible 360-degree reviews with adjustable rating scales and the ability to allow for a variety of contributors outside of the default review path
  • Capability for feedback on employee goals and competencies in addition to performance, with feedback weighting based on role
  • Configurable employee competency assignment by both HR administrators and managers

Extended Web Services APIs

Ultimate has been providing a SaaS-based system of record for HR since 2002, and UltiPro Spring 2011 builds on Ultimate’s track record of integrating data across the enterprise by connecting to hundreds of third-party systems and service providers. To address customers’ progressively more complex business ecosystem, the latest edition of UltiPro extends Ultimate’s open approach with a broadened portfolio of Web Service APIs to enable standards-based connectivity to other cloud and on-premise solutions—whether for a manager pulling real-time data into Microsoft® Excel® or for more complex connections to other back-office enterprise systems.

Customer Value

With 1,200 employees worldwide, Franchise World Headquarters, LLC, the service organization for the SUBWAY® restaurant franchise system, is excited about UltiPro’s expanded Spring 2011 features for global HR and talent management so it can deliver better decision support to business leaders as well as directly impact employee performance.

“With UltiPro as our single solution of record for HCM, we are consolidating workforce metrics, such as compensation and performance history, and accelerating the delivery of workforce information across our business. With so much of our workforce deployed around the world, we are especially pleased that UltiPro continues to deliver additional global employee management capabilities with each release,” said Lisa Shea, assistant director of human resources for Franchise World Headquarters, LLC, the service organization for the SUBWAY® restaurant franchise system.

“We’re also excited that, with UltiPro, we now can include people outside of the employee/manager path in 360-degree reviews for more collaborative talent development, which we are looking into for the future.”

All UltiPro SaaS customers will be live on UltiPro’s Spring 2011 update this month. Ultimate plans three major updates to its HCM suite this year, with additional releases to support compliance requirements as necessary—all handled for customers without the burden on internal IT resources typically required with software updates. An inherent benefit of cloud services, customers can focus on their business rather than IT administration.

“Business agility demands HCM tools that can help organizations understand the landscape of their current workforce, cultivate talent, and adapt business processes to optimize the organization fast,” said Adam Rogers, chief technology officer and senior vice president of product development at Ultimate Software. “This agility requires that enhancements to HCM technology be delivered rapidly in order to be relevant and responsive to market needs—and that’s where the strength of the SaaS model shines. Businesses can no longer afford to wait for the typical on-premise software upgrade. With UltiPro in the cloud, we are delivering seasonal releases that provide the enhancements our customers need to execute effectively today.”

For more information on Ultimate Software, please visit www.ultimatesoftware.com

Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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