Peopleclick Authoria articulates vision and underscores enhanced TM analytics offerings with rebrand as Peoplefluent.…from Peoplefluent


New Corporate Identity Results From Broad Industry Focus Group Research and Comprehensive Brand Identity Engagement

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Peopleclick Authoria, offering a unique combination of best-of-breed suite solutions for Talent Management, Vendor Management and Workforce Compliance and Diversity, today announced its emergence under a new vision-driven brand as Peoplefluent™.  The new corporate identity launches following a three month brand engagement, commencing first with its 650 employees then through extensive focus group research with top Human Resources executives from a range of geographies, industries and disciplines.  The research findings represent views from both mid-sized organizations and large global businesses.  The Peoplefluent™ image, logo and website will be formally launched today at Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference in Las Vegas, running from June 26-29, 2011 (visit the Peoplefluent™ at booth #2117).

Commenting on the name and brand, Charles S. Jones, Chairman and CEO of the new Peoplefluent, said, “We are very pleased with the direction provided to our new brand by a comprehensive group of senior HR management professionals that comprise our target audience.  It is a powerful endorsement of our long-term vision and the true potential of the changing integrated Talent Management Suite.” 

This broad Talent Management endeavor demands a level of fluency about individual employees far greater than what has been realized in the marketplace today. With the new Peoplefluent brand, the Company sets out to establish a new identity that better reflects the customer-inspired vision it conceived and began to build more than a year ago.

In the past two years, Peopleclick Authoria has deftly executed a deliberate and calculated evolution of its vision to engage and understand the total workforce.  Fueled by the needs of its customers, the Company has dramatically expanded its product lines and capability through strategic acquisitions investing almost $200 million.  The Company has also spent more than $61 million over approximately two years on research and development with a targeted focus on analytics, collaboration and mobile applications.  In addition to the traditional components of a Talent Management suite, which would include, recruiting, compensation, performance management and succession planning, the Company’s solutions also enable the broadest view of the entire workforce. This workforce view is inclusive of employee and non-employee workers, and addresses the complex needs of compliance and diversity and it offers unmatched visual data and workforce analytics. 

“Ultimately, one of the greatest values of Talent Management software is its ability to deliver actionable information about people to line managers and executives – essentially making the organization ‘fluent about the people’ part of the business,” said Josh Bersin, CEO and President of Bersin & Associates.  “Peoplefluent has always had one of the most powerful and complete solutions for workforce analytics and decision making, so the new name captures this strength of helping organizations unlock and leverage knowledge about their people.”

In the coming weeks, Peoplefluent intends to announce a new ‘Fluency Methodology,’ a structured customer engagement model built around five essential Talent Management assessment criteria.  This new methodology is being developed to assist customers in understanding their own workforce environments and opportunities, to help them address the changing market conditions that are impacting the total workforce landscape, and to support them with proven expertise in the deployment of collaborative and mobile initiatives.  In addition, this week, Peoplefluent will be introducing its new Fluency on the Move mobile product line, broadly expanding its product reach and capability.

Visit the Company’s new corporate website at

Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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