Taleo Unveils Groundbreaking Talent Intelligence™ Capabilities…from Taleo


New Features Reveal Deeper Insight into Talent Pool to Improve Business Performance and Drive Productivity
Highlights Include Social Sourcing Capability across Hundreds of Social Networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

HRchitect featured Taleo in our release of The Suite Life of Integrated Talent Management and also includes them in our list of top Talent Acquisition Systems vendors that businesses should consider. Kevin Marasco, VP Brand Marketing with Taleo appeared on the HRchitect WebMingle on November 6, 2009. HRchitect attended the 2010 TaleoWorld conference and HRchitect’s Matt Lafata, one of the industry’s leading talent management systems analysts, attended Taleo’s annual Sales and Services meeting in 2010 & 2011.

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Taleo Corp. (NASDAQ: TLEO), the leading provider of on-demand talent management solutions, today unveiled groundbreaking social, collaboration and visualization capabilities that will provide enterprises with Talent Intelligence to address top business issues.  These new capabilities fundamentally change how companies leverage their talent to tackle the top two challenges facing CEOs today: Growth and Talent.  Now leading organizations can keep strategic goals top of mind and develop their workforce by having the ability to gain deeper insight into their talent and extend their reach to hundreds of social networks, improving business performance.


The new capabilities include a Conversation Hub and email integration enabling real-time feedback and collaboration to assure timely adjustments of business goals. This feature keeps strategic goals top of mind by pushing talent management directly into email allowing employees and managers to collaborate on the goals and initiatives of the company. Conversations are captured and stored in the Conversation Hub where managers and employees can view all conversations related to business goals and development to improve the impact of talent on these initiatives. In addition to Microsoft Outlook, the latest release also includes support for Lotus Notes.


Taleo is expanding the reach into the global talent marketplace by leveraging social networks and providing insight into the best sources of talent. For the first time recruiters, employees and candidates can share jobs across hundreds of social networks including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. This is a powerful way for companies to strengthen employee referral programs through alumni and employee networks. Sourcing analytics help recruiters understand which networks are providing the strongest candidates so that they can focus their sourcing activities so that they can find great talent faster.

The new Talent Browser has unique visualization capabilities that provide the business context behind talent data. Taleo is the first vendor to move beyond traditional search by providing visual search and on-the-fly filtering to pinpoint talent. The Talent Browser joins Talent Reviews and Performance Calibration as examples of how Taleo has embedded real-time visual analytics to support better decision making.  In addition to visual search, the Talent Browser also includes analytics that give an instant snapshot of any team or organization.

“We are in a talent management renaissance, moving into a new era where we need to leverage talent to effectively anticipate and respond quickly to business needs,” said Bret Leech, Vice President, human resources, Rogers Communications. “By having Talent Intelligence and analytics to determine the needs of our business, we are able to accomplish our goals by building dynamic teams to fuel growth.” This kind of innovation is acknowledged by the leading analysts, who have positioned Taleo as the only vendor in all talent management leadership categories.

According to the Conference Board, Leading CEOs note that hiring the right talent in the open market and applying new technologies will enable them to drive the growth required for success. Taleo’s customers recognize that as companies strive to grow, strategic goals and talent must be at the forefront of business.  

“Taleo’s new talent management platform advances Talent Intelligence by helping enterprises find the right people to meet their business objectives, properly incent employees to attain strategic goals, and better understand and retain top talent,” said Jason Blessing, Executive Vice President of Products and Technology at Taleo. “These new capabilities enable enterprises to better know their people and grow their business.”

The new release of Taleo Enterprise Suite is available immediately. For more information visit: http://www.taleo.com/11a

For more information on Taleo, please visit www.taleo.com

Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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