HireRight announces availability of 2011 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report – improving quality-of-hire top screening benefit for employers….from HireRight


Report identifies screening trends and best practices based on survey of human resource and security professionals

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HireRight, a leading provider of employment screening solutions, today announced the availability of the HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, 2011 Edition. This popular report identifies common screening practices and important issues and trends related to background checking, drug and alcohol testing, and employment eligibility. It is based on a survey of nearly 1,800 human resources, talent management, recruiting, security, safety and other professionals from organizations of all sizes across a broad range of industries around the world. A copy of the report can be accessed at www.hireright.com/benchmarking.

“The HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report is now in its fourth year and has become an important informational tool for organizations to reference in designing and fine-tuning their employment background checking, drug testing, and employment eligibility programs,” said Mike Petrullo, HireRight president and CEO. “Our goal with the report is to help employers gain a better understanding of what their peers are dealing with and how other organizations construct and operate their employment screening and eligibility programs.” 

The 2011 Benchmarking Report shows a modest continuation of hiring and retention optimism that began in 2010. Ninety percent of organizations surveyed expect no decline in their workforce this year, and 51 percent anticipate an increase in hiring as compared to only 43 percent last year. Anticipated hiring reported will primarily consist of full-time employees instead of contingent labor, which is consistent with past job recovery trends.

With the need to hire full-time employees moving front and center, the role of screening in the hiring process is being emphasized by organizations. Survey respondents placed the finding and retaining of quality talent as their top current talent management challenge, and the reduction in time-to-hire was their primary screening challenge. Stressing the importance of screening practices in making quality hiring decisions, nearly half of respondents indicated they conduct employment background and drug screening to improve quality-of-hire.

Employers continue to globalize their screening programs with almost half of respondents indicating they check the global backgrounds of domestic hires and more than a third report screening workers outside of the U.S. Similarly, less than half of employers who utilize contingent labor reported screening this portion of their workforce, representing a potential security risk. 

The report also includes key survey findings on the: 

  • Primary reasons for employment screening 
  • Most common searches and tests performed by employers
  • Impact of evolving regulatory and compliance legislation on screening 
  • Prevalence of screening programs for vendor employees, temps and contractors
  • Current trends in emerging issues such as credit checks, social media screening and medicinal marijuana policies

“Employers continue to share the benefits realized through employment background and drug screening, including improving the quality of their hires, mitigating risks, and maintaining compliance,” said Rob Pickell, HireRight senior vice president of customer solutions. “Interesting survey statistics on employment issues such as workplace violence, achieving compliance, companies’ programs for drug and alcohol testing, global screening, social media use, and policies on screening non-employees are just some of the other topics covered in the report.”

For more information on HireRight, please visit www.hireright.com




Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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