LinkedIn “Apply Now” Integration Added to SmartSearch® Applicant Tracking System…by SmartSearch


Leading talent acquisition & recruiting business software makes it easier for candidates to apply for job postings with new LinkedIn feature

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Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), makers of the SmartSearch® applicant tracking system (ATS), announced the addition a new “Apply with LinkedIn” integration. An “Apply with LinkedIn” button can be included on job postings which enables candidates to select this option — instead of submitting a resume when applying for a position — and export their LinkedIn profile directly into the SmartSearch® ATS database. This portable feature works on any job posted on any site or job board and offers candidates the added advantage of updating their LinkedIn profile before applying, and shows them if anyone in their LinkedIn network is working at the company with the job opening. Any candidate who clicks the “Apply with LinkedIn” button that does not have a profile is given an opportunity to create one.

Similar to the “shared apply” function that SmartSearch offers with integration to major job boards including Monster and CareerBuilder, the “Apply with LinkedIn” feature is available to all SmartSearch users at no additional cost, with a choice of modes: AutoApply or PartialApply. The AutoApply mode automatically pulls in the candidate’s LinkedIn profile and allows them to bypass any online employment application or additional screening questions that may be posted. The PartialApply mode pulls in the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, but the applicant will still need to complete any missing data on the employment application or required screening questions.

“LinkedIn has become a top resource for recruiting professionals,” said Doug Coull, CEO at APS, “For many, it has become the site of choice for sourcing, research, business networking, and relationship building. Integration to LinkedIn in any aspect of our candidate management process is a hot-list item for our engineering team.”

In 2010, SmartSearch added the ability for users to post jobs to their LinkedIn profile status update with a link to their company web site and share that across LinkedIn Groups or send directly to selected contacts in their LinkedIn network. Other SmartSearch® LinkedIn integrations include research features such as the Company Insider that identifies people at a specified company, with a count of how many are already connected to the user’s LinkedIn account. In addition, SmartSearch® customers have the option of capturing applicant’s LinkedIn profile URL when they apply for jobs posted on their career sites. For LinkedIn “power users,” the system can be configured so that when users open a candidate or contact record, it automatically searches the LinkedIn community to see if a matching record can be found, and then updates the corresponding SmartSearch® record by adding the LinkedIn profile URL. Users have the option to manually initiate a search based on name, location, or company with a single click. SmartSearch® also supports paid job postings on LinkedIn. The new “Apply with LinkedIn” builds on these popular features by making it much easier for candidates to apply for jobs.

“SmartSearch® has always provided a full suite of relationship management tools to support social network sourcing with advanced XML feeds,” said LJ Morris, CTO of APS, “SmartSearch was one of the first ATS to enable users to access personal profiles and see related records posted on business and social networking communities such as LinkedIn.”

SmartSearch® is best known for the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and applications for managing all employment-related information from one easy to use interface.

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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