Lumesse Mobile Now Available in Apple, Android and Blackberry App Stores…from Lumesse


Brings Mobility, Instant Access to Key Information About Candidates, Jobs, Interviews, Colleagues and Hiring Processes

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Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, today announced the availability in the most popular app stores of its mobile interface for Lumesse TalentLink.

Lumesse Mobile is now available for customer smartphones or tablets in the Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry app stores.

Lumesse Mobile is a device-independent mobile application that supports an engaging way of working and collaborating, bringing mobility and instant access to key information about candidates, jobs, interviews, colleagues and hiring processes.

“Our customers told us they needed a way for their hiring and HR managers to access key information and decision making capabilities in Lumesse TalentLink while away from their desktops,” said Lumesse CEO, Matthew Parker. “We’ve responded by making Lumesse Mobile a core capability within Lumesse TalentLink and made it available for free download from the major app stores. It’s another example of our ‘Apps for Everything’ philosophy, which is setting the pace in the global talent management market.”

Lumesse Mobile brings a personalized recruitment experience to all types of users with a focus on engagement, efficiency and go-anywhere collaboration. Lumesse Mobile supports faster decision making, reduces process bottlenecks, provides instant insight to information regardless of time and location, and encourages greater collaboration among colleagues.

With Lumesse Mobile, users can:

  • Have secure and easy access to relevant data – seamlessly connected with Lumesse TalentLink.
  • Be relevant – create a personalized view of their most relevant information.
  • Work independently, but stay connected – get insights on new joiners in their organizations.
  • Collaborate for success – connect with colleagues on the move.
  • Reduce bottlenecks — manage, evaluate, review and approve on the go.
  • Connect with the world – post new jobs to social networks.
  • Engage with colleagues — maintain and share personal profiles with colleagues.

Lumesse Mobile is now available for all customers on Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry devices. The application is optimized for efficient use of mobile data, connecting securely to the SaaS-based Lumesse TalentLink platform through any mobile data connection. Lumesse has committed to releasing regular updates of Lumesse Mobile to increase its capability to reflect the growing power of smart phones and tablets among its customer base, and the increasing use of such devices as primary enterprise information tools.

Using Lumesse Mobile starts with a simple app store download, then logging in with company credentials to provide a secure, user-personalized and user-relevant environment seamlessly connected to Lumesse TalentLink’s robust SaaS platform. Unlike mobile browser based apps, the application is optimized for both slow and fast mobile connections and designed to deliver an individual, highly-personalized, enjoyable user experience with data and functionality specific to the role of the user. Lumesse Mobile brings the power of an enterprise talent acquisition platform to a wide range of user roles, including HR managers, hiring managers and corporate executives, offering a next-generation, app-based interface that delivers only relevant information and capabilities at any time and in any global location.

For more information on Lumesse, please visit
Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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