MyResourcer helps Bullhorn users unlock the value of their database…from Bullhorn


‘Recruiter’s best friend’ adds automated job search to leading recruitment system

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Bullhorn recently announced the integration of MyResourcer, the easy-to-use online job lead generation system for the global recruitment market, with Bullhorn’s applicant tracking and customer relationship management software. As a Bullhorn Marketplace Partner, MyResourcer’s technology enables Bullhorn users to unlock the value hidden within their client/prospect database, by automating the job search to develop new business contacts.

“We are pleased to partner with Bullhorn and bring robust business development functionality to its users,” comments Bradley Placks, Managing Director of MyResourcer. “Typically, business development is a challenge for recruiters, with much of it relying on spending time searching for job adverts online, scouring job boards and cold calling prospects. With this integration, users will benefit from a streamlined workflow, from automated client prospecting right through to managing candidate placement, speeding up the recruitment process even further and delivering exceptional customer service to clients.”

The partnership between MyResourcer and Bullhorn is part of the Bullhorn Marketplace, the first cloud-based  recruitment agencies application and services marketplace available to the industry.  The Marketplace provides best-of-breed solutions that are tightly integrated with Bullhorn and gives  recruitment firms the ability to leverage appropriate technology for their unique business needs.

David Beaver, Director of Global Alliances at Bullhorn adds: “MyResourcer adds a valuable extension onto the Bullhorn system; delivering effective business development functionality that manages the recruitment process at each touch point with the client and the candidate. By entering into the partnership with MyResourcer, our client base is set to benefit from significant time savings and the opportunity to take advantage of the hidden revenue in their client/prospect database.”

MyResourcer uses artificial intelligence and dynamic search technology to provide recruiters with the quickest and simplest mechanism for automated tracking of new jobs, as and when they appear on company websites.  Instead of having to trawl through websites on a daily basis, recruiters are equipped with new jobs, even from organisations they may not have already dealt with.

Placks adds: “With proactive business development now becoming a bigger part of the recruiter’s agenda, MyResourcer will make the process much easier for Bullhorn users. By casting the net as wide as possible, recruiters are equipped with leads to loosen up the hidden revenue in their database and gain that ever-elusive competitive edge.”

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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