Kronos Announces Version 9 of Its Selection and Hiring Solution…from Kronos


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Kronos Incorporated today announced availability of the latest version of its selection and hiring solution. Workforce Talent Acquisition™ 9.0 introduces a new look, improved reporting capabilities, self-service configuration tools, new recruiting features, and simplified assessment technology. These new enhancements increase the value of the Kronos® solution for customers, resulting in superior return on their hiring technology investment.

News Facts

Workforce Talent Acquisition 9 includes a variety of new features and functionality focused in five strategic areas:

  • Integration – Workforce Talent Acquisition can now be accessed from Kronos’ award-winning user interface. The client-branded navigator has everything a manager needs to manage their workforce, from hiring to scheduling and more. Relevant information like calendars and task lists can be imported to provide a comprehensive, personalized work environment.
  • Improved Reporting – Turns hiring data into business intelligence with enhanced reporting capabilities and analysis tools across the entire workflow. New reports include recruiter productivity, candidate activity, and performance metrics.
  • Self Service – A self service management console serves as the structural foundation for several new change management and self-service tools that enable users to configure, test, and deploy changes to production without a Kronos professional services representative or change order, making the technology even easier to use and accelerating adoption.
  • Simplified Assessments – Using a more efficient and streamlined job mapping survey process, new off-the-shelf, standard assessments enable customers to quickly and easily implement a variety of assessments for the most commonly occurring roles making for faster and easier deployment.
  • Unified Hourly/Salaried Solution – Enhancements supporting unified hourly and salaried hiring include added flexibility and efficiency in moving candidates between salaried and hourly positions and adding candidates. These enhancements support an easier, more consistent and compliant hiring process.


Supporting Quotes

  • Dr. Katherine Jones, principal analyst and director human capital management, Bersin & Associates
    “Bersin & Associates research shows that peak-performing organizations outdistance their competition by understanding how to select and promote the right people. For managing the selection and hiring of both hourly and salaried staff, these organizations look for comprehensive assessment solutions that provide consistency and quality across the board. Such solutions enable organizations to assess and hire employees that are a better fit more quickly, allowing staff to stop focusing on hiring and start focusing on contributing to the bottom line.”
  • Stacey Harris, vice president, research and advisory services, Brandon Hall Group
    “Kronos is one of the most important players in the talent acquisition market and version 9.0 shows why. Its ease of use and deep functionality make it an attractive solution for organizations of varied size and across many vertical industries. We believe Kronos will continue to innovate in the market.”
  • Nick Ordon, vice president and general manager, hiring solutions, Kronos
    “Kronos is committed to being an innovator in the field of talent acquisition. We continue to deliver on our promise to provide customers with the very best unified hiring solution available. Enhancements in this version make Workforce Talent Acquisition easier to use and more powerful than ever, providing organizations with superior return on their hiring technology investment.”


For more information on Kronos, please visit

Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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