TalentDrive and First Advantage Strengthen Partnership, Announcing Two New Integrations…from TalentDrive


Product Releases Designed to Help Recruiters Tap into the Mass of Online Resumes More Strategically and Successfully

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TalentDrive, creator of the most advanced global resume search API on the market, today announced a two-part product release with longtime partner First Advantage,  a leading provider of talent acquisition solutions, aimed at bringing more intelligence, efficiency—and, ultimately, success—to the online recruitment process.

The new release seamlessly integrates TalentFilter’s advanced resume sourcing and matching technology into First Advantage’s candidate relationship management (CRM) system so that employers can mine more resume databases more effectively to find the best qualified candidates. In addition, in an effort to bring resumes to life, First Advantage will be offering a Career Fit Assessment—the results of which will be available to recruiters through TalentDrive’s proprietary network—that will help pinpoint prospective candidates’ core aptitudes. Adding this new dimension to the search process by identifying soft skills and personality traits will help candidates stand out in a saturated job market and help recruiters find higher quality candidates and make better hiring decisions more quickly.

Advanced Resume Search

By providing access to the power of TalentFilter’s best-in-class resume searching, as well as connections to thousands of Web-based, niche resume databases directly from First Advantage’s CRM and job distribution systems, this unique tool now enables employers to add highly qualified candidates immediately to their pipelines, develop and manage relationships with those candidates and convert them into applicants for current and future positions.

Resume Enrichment and Core Aptitude Pinpointing

An initiative to add a new dimension to online resumes, this joint venture brings TalentFilter’s candidate profiles to life with a second level of personalization. Through advanced filtering, millions of candidates are invited via email to complete a brief Career Fit Assessment developed and provided by First Advantage, which is used to pinpoint core aptitudes. Through TalentDrive’s API partners, recruiters gain access to a concise profile of candidate’s aptitudes.  “First Advantage has been a powerhouse in the talent acquisition technology space, offering not only a wide array of services, but a dedication to exceptional products and a commitment to thinking outside the box to advance every aspect of the recruiting process,” said Sean Bisceglia, CEO of TalentDrive. “Through our direct partnership and the relationships that stem from our integrations, we hope to set the paradigm for CRM and enriched resume products.”

“This is an exciting time for First Advantage as we grow our presence in the CRM and assessment world,” said Lisa Bordinat, vice president of First Advantage assessments. “The combination of TalentDrive’s versatility and leadership as a resume search technology provider positioned the company as an ideal partner for our assessments. I am confident TalentDrive’s sourcing technology will continue to impress our joint clients and am pleased to be announcing our newest endeavor with TalentDrive and our assessment product.”

For more information about TalentDrive, please visit www.talentdrive.com. For more information about First Advantage, please visit www.fadv.com



Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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