Peoplefluent Achieves Nearly 50% Bookings Growth Worldwide in Core Talent Management and Talent Acquisition Product Lines Year-to-Date…from Peoplefluent


Company Drives Momentum in Third Quarter with 194% Growth in EMEA

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Peoplefluent™, offering a unique combination of best-of-breed mobile and SaaS suite solutions for Talent Management, Vendor Management and Workforce Compliance and Diversity, today announced strong year-over-year sales growth with a 49% increase in bookings in its core product lines.  The Company also announced significant momentum in EMEA with 194% revenue growth in the region in the third quarter alone.

“Through industry differentiated workforce analytics, mobile technologies and game mechanics, we are uniting people and Talent Management processes in new and exciting ways by enabling and encouraging learning, collaboration, best practices and better outcomes for individuals and the businesses in which they work,” said Charles S. Jones, Chairman and CEO of Peoplefluent.  “Today, we need to help our customers deploy the right resources in the right ways, at the right time with flexibility, mobility and ease while extending the life of their existing systems and avoiding the disruption and costs associated with replacement.   2011 is a pivotal year for Peoplefluent’s clients, and we’re focusing our development agenda on the changing needs of our customers in the years ahead.”

Fueling its corporate growth, in the first three quarters of 2011, Peoplefluent:

·         launched its Fluency on the Move mobile product line, which was selected among sixty competitors as one of six “Awesome New Technologies for HR” at the HR Technology® Conference and Expo 2011 earlier this month;

·         designed and developed two HR games available for download on iTunes this month and introduced two new games into the full Peoplefluent product suite;

·         became a global leader in workforce planning and analytics solutions through the acquisition of Aquire Solutions, Inc. in early April;

·         completed three Mercer partnership deals with large multinational enterprises;

·         released 11 major new products, with enhanced functionality across its entire end-to-end product suite;

·         and sold and delivered 390 products to new and existing customers across 24 industries from nine different countries.

“A lot can happen in a year.  I recently spent time with my client Peoplefluent’s expanded management team to review the progress they’ve made with their plans and products since my last in-depth review at the same time last year.   I am very impressed with the key leaders they’ve assembled during 2011 to direct the company’s product and technology initiatives, with the way those leaders have come together as a cohesive leadership team, and with the product/technology plans and roadmaps they’ve made for the year ahead and which have been the basis for this year’s strong delivery.  This is a very capable team with a clear vision and with the resources, including the financial resources, to execute against their vision to continue bringing innovative solutions into the market,” concluded Naomi Bloom, Managing Partner at Bloom and Wallace and independent HR analyst and strategy consultant in HR technology.

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