HireVue Digital Interviewing Now Available to the Public Sector…from HireVue


Federal Agencies Can Slash Interview Time and Costs while Drastically Improving Quality of Hire as HireVue Achieves Section 508 Compliance

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HireVue, providers of an amazing new way to interview – on demand, today announced that its digital interviewing solutions have achieved Section 508 compliance. HireVue’s Digital Interview Platform™ and On Demand Interviews™ are now the only digital interviewing solutions available with this accreditation.

Section 508 was enacted by Congress in 1998 to eliminate barriers in information technology, making available new opportunities for people with disabilities and encouraging development of technologies that will help achieve these goals. It requires that federal agencies and other government departments that receive federal funding make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. With this accreditation, HireVue’s simple, safe and reliable solution is now available to any organization seeking support for individuals with hearing or visual impairment, including those government agencies that are required to work only with 508 compliant technology providers.

“HireVue’s digital interviewing solutions are ten times faster, nine times cheaper and 100 percent better for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates than traditional interviewing methods,” commented Peter Clegg, director of Product Management at HireVue. “Now federal agencies can turn to digital interviewing and enjoy the same improved quality of hire and time- and cost-savings that our private-sector customers experience.”

It was determined that HireVue’s interactive Digital Interview Platform and ground-breaking On Demand Interviews can help federal agencies meet Section 508 requirements after a rigorous audit by accessibility experts, Interactive Accessibility. The company’s web-based, enterprise-ready solution offers features that eliminate barriers for individuals with hearing and visual impairments including additional time allotment (up to 10 times the default time) for timed portions of the interview process, 24-hour customer and candidate support, interoperability with Assistive Technology and screen magnifiers such as ZoomText Magnifier, and the availability of captions and video transcripts.

Clegg added, “We’re very proud to meet Section 508 standards and be recognized for the opportunities our digital interviewing solutions bring to individuals with disabilities. At HireVue, it’s very important that our technology connects employers with candidates through a simple, fair and standardized process that improves the interview experience for everyone.”

For more information on HireVue, please visit www.hirevue.com.



Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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