Workday Introduces Latest Update: Workday 15…from Workday

Delivers Enhancements for Talent Management, Payroll, Financial Management, Solutions for Higher Education, and Integrations to Popular User Collaboration Tools

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Workday Inc., the leader in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for global human resources, payroll and financial management, recently introduced Workday 15. This update includes enhancements to Talent Management, Global Payroll Solutions, Financial Management, solutions for Higher Education, and new integrations with Microsoft Outlook® and Salesforce Chatter™.

Workday 15 also unveils Workday’s enhanced technology architecture for optimally handling the complex and intensive in memory transaction processing and reporting for very large enterprises.

What’s New

User Experience

  • With this update, Workday continues to bring its human capital management solution (HCM) into the natural environments in which workers work – no longer requiring users to login using a standard browser interface.
  • Workday for Outlook, accessible via the Xobni Gadget Store, allows workers to access their Workday inbox, search for colleagues, and view contact information directly in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Workday for Chatter enables workers to view their Workday inbox – including notifications, approval requests, and workforce data – directly from their Chatter stream.

Talent Management

  • Talent Reviews introduces a new business process and guided experience for workers and their manager to capture career and talent profile information used to inform talent review meetings among business leaders.
  • Career Interests provides a new way for employees to express their career goals and aspirations, explore jobs within their company, and compare their qualifications to those identified for a job.
  • Workday and Cornerstone OnDemand provide integration between Cornerstone Learning Cloud and Workday Human Capital Management.

Global Payroll Solutions

  • In Workday 15, Workday makes available an expanded set of payroll solutions for global enterprises.
  • Workday Payroll for Canada addresses the full spectrum of enterprise payroll needs while providing administrators with new levels of flexibility, control, and visibility.
  • Workday Bi-Directional Payroll Connector allows enterprises to import data from a third-party payroll provider back into an HCM solution.

Financial Management

  • Workday 15 extends its capabilities as a comprehensive financial management and accounting solution for global and complex organizations.
  • Financial transactions and reporting provides significant additions to the transactions, processes, and reporting capabilities including everything from accounting and assets to projects and expenses.
  • Enhanced financial analytics provides new levels of visibility into cash collection cycles and into the total cost of workers and the work they do.

Performance and Scalability

  • Workday also unveils its enhanced technology architecture. Workday’s Object Management Server (OMS) has been transformed into a set of distributed application services that deliver:
    • Grid processing for CPU-intensive process such as Payroll.
    • Elastic computing to execute customer developed integrations on demand.

Solutions for Higher Education

  • Workday continues to develop functionality that meets the unique needs of universities and their diverse, global workforces. With Update 15, Higher Education customers will have improved visibility into one of their most important resources – faculty – through new appointment and tenure tracking capabilities.

Comments on the News:
“Workday 15 is the culmination of many strategic initiatives that have been in development this year,” said Stan Swete, Workday chief technology officer. “Unlike with on premise software, the SaaS model uniquely enables customers to immediately benefit from enhanced functionality, performance and scalability without the requirement to invest in expensive servers, software upgrades, and performance benchmarking initiatives.”

All Workday customers will go live on Workday 15 this December.

For more information on Workday, please visit
Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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