New Release of Bullhorn’s Applicant Tracking Software Reinvents Candidate Search…from Bullhorn


Finds the best candidates faster and flattens the learning curve for new recruiters

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Bullhorn recently announced the Winter 2012 release of its applicant tracking software featuring all new Candidate Search. Candidate Search suggests the search terms most likely to produce the best matching candidates by continuously learning from millions of searches and resumes. More accurate results, plus a newly streamlined interface, saves time on each of the hundreds of resume database searches recruiters perform.

Candidate Search examines a job, candidate or user-entered keywords and suggests additional terms. For example, if a recruiter searches for “Java” and “J2EE,” it suggests related terms such as Java Server Pages, XML, web services, and object oriented. For “accounting” and “receivables” it suggests adding general ledger, payroll, reconciliation, billing and collections. Candidate Search arms new recruiters with domain expertise that would otherwise take months to gain and helps any recruiter asked by a client about a skill they aren’t familiar with.

“Almost every job starts by searching for candidates, so recruiters who execute faster and send out their very best candidates gain a huge advantage over less agile competitors” said Art Papas, CEO and Co-Founder of Bullhorn. “Accelerating recruiter effectiveness, especially for new hires, means filling more jobs and boosting profitability.”

Candidate Search further enhances recruiter productivity by providing:

  • Drag and drop search builder – Rapidly build searches by clicking and dragging search terms to include, prioritize, or exclude.
  • Personalization – Tailor the fields, columns and appearance of search results to maximize your personal productivity.
  • Collaboration – Save your best searches associated with a job, client or contact and share them with colleagues.
  • Unified searching – Save time by searching across resumes, notes and attachments all from one screen.

“Bullhorn Candidate Search will help our team find great candidates faster than ever,” said Wendy Kennah, Director of Recruiting at Procom Consultants Group, a leading Canadian IT staffing company. “The drag and drop search builder and suggested keywords for new recruiters combined with Boolean syntax for experienced recruiters, means that everyone on the team has the ideal toolset for candidate search. New hires can get up to speed quickly, and learn from what’s already working for us.”

In addition to Candidate Search, the Bullhorn Winter 2012 release delivers more than 130 updates and fixes including improvements to web response tracking that makes it easier to track candidates from first touch through to placement, as well as API updates, email and calendar integration improvements and much more. The Bullhorn Winter 2012 release will be available to all Bullhorn customers in early 2012. For additional information about Candidate Search and the Winter 2012 release please visit

To learn more about HRchitect’s expertise in HR technology strategy, selection and implementation services, and how HRchitect can help your organization, please visit

Matt Lafata, HRchitect

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