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Industry-Leading Lineup Includes Best-Selling Author, Jim Collins; Business Thought Leader, Gary Hamel; Gartner Inc. HCM Expert, Jim Holincheck; HR Thought Leader, Naomi Bloom; and CIO of American Red Cross, John Crary

HRchitect featured Saba in our release of The Suite Life of Integrated Talent Management and also includes them in our list of top Talent Management Systems and top Learning Management Systems vendors that businesses should consider. A.G. Lambert, the VP of Marketing with Saba appeared on the HRchitect WebMingle on August 14, 2009. Matt Lafata with HRchitect attended the 2010 Saba Global Summit and Analyst Day in Boston, MA. Matt Lafata & Tiffany Appleby attended the Saba Global Sales Rally FY12 in June 2011 in Redwood City, CA.

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Saba (NASDAQ: SABA), the premier People Cloud provider, today announced its industry-leading lineup of visionary keynote speakers for People 2012, its annual global user conference. The impressive keynote presenters include: Jim Collins, best-selling author ofBuilt to Last,Good to Great,How the Mighty Fall, andGreat by Choice; foremost business thinker and best-selling author, Gary Hamel; Gartner Inc. research vice president, Jim Holincheck; HR thought leader and managing partner at Bloom & Wallace, Naomi Bloom; and the Chief Information Officer from the American Red Cross, John Crary. Customers, partners, and global industry professionals will gather together to learn how to achieve significant business benefits through the Saba People Cloud at People 2012 – Saba Global Summit in Miami, Florida on March 19-22, 2012.

The lineup of Saba keynote speakers includes Bobby Yazdani, founder and CEO; Jeff Carr, president of global field operations; and Amar Dhaliwal, senior vice president of product operations. Saba Global Summit will focus on the importance of leveraging the Saba People Cloud to create transformative workplaces that enable organizations to provide all their people, including employees, partners, and customers, with the development, engagement, and inspiration they need to meet the challenges of a new world of work.

For more information about People 2012 – Saba Global Summit and to register, visit the event site.

About Featured Keynote Speakers


  • Naomi Bloom is a leading independent voice, business and platform strategy consultant, and thought leader in the HR technology and HRO industries. She acts as a change agent and Human Resource Management (HRM) delivery systems strategist for global corporate clients; as an advisor on business strategy as well as product and service design to several generations of HRM software vendors and HR outsourcing providers; and as a provider of competitive insight to the investment community.
  • Jim Collins is the industry-leading thinker on organizational sustainability and growth. He is the best-selling author of Great by Choice, Built to Last, Good to Great, and How the Mighty Fall. In total, Collins has authored or co-authored six books that have sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.
  • John Crary joined the American Red Cross in late 2009 as chief information officer, responsible for all information technology functions throughout the organization. The American Red Cross, founded by Clara Barton in 1881 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., is one of the nation’s premier emergency response organizations and a major U.S. provider of blood products to the healthcare industry. Crary brings a wealth of information technology management experience to the organization, including expertise in new technologies such as social media, Web-based services, and e-commerce.
  • Gary Hamel is the best-selling author of Leading the Revolution and Competing for the Future. The Wall Street Journal recently listed Gary Hamel as “The world’s most influential business thinker,” and Fortune magazine has called him “The world’s leading expert on business strategy.” Hamel is currently a visiting professor of strategic and international management at the London Business School.
  • James (Jim) Holincheck is a managing vice president at Gartner Inc., where he manages the team that covers finance, Human Capital Management (HCM), and procurement. Holincheck specializes in the HCM systems market and helps provide a bridge between technology and human capital processes, practices, and strategies.


About Saba Keynote Speakers

  • Bobby Yazdani is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Saba. He was an industry pioneer in creating the Human Capital Management category in 1997, and has since grown Saba into a $100 million+ business and one of the fastest growing public cloud companies.
  • Jeff Carr is the president of global field operations at Saba. He is responsible for Saba’s worldwide field operations, including sales, professional services, alliances, and customer success. A seasoned HCM software executive, Carr has more than 25 years of experience in global enterprise software and on-demand sales, marketing, services, and global operations.
  • Amar Dhaliwalis the senior vice president of product operations at Saba. In this role, he has successfully guided the company’s Product Operations Group, which includes Product Development, Global Customer Care, OnDemand Strategy, and Operations. Dhaliwal has more than 15 years of HCM and enterprise software experience.


About People 2012 – Saba Global Summit

Saba’s annual user conference, People 2012 – Saba Global Summit, will offer attendees:


  • Eight unique conference tracks, more than 60 conference sessions, and more than 12 hands-on training sessions with equal focus on all Saba solutions. Click to view conference tracks and more details on the hands-on training sessions.
  • Networking events including a welcome reception and a special customer appreciation event where attendees can connect with peers, share experiences, and meet one-on-one with Saba product experts.
  • Hands-on training courses offered daily by Saba University.
  • More than 40 case studies presented by global customers across a wide variety of industries.
  • Ability to explore products and services from Saba’s strategic partners.
  • Opportunity to hear recognized business leaders and industry experts talk about future trends and opportunities.


For more information on Saba, please visit

To learn more about HRchitect’s expertise in HR technology strategy, selection and implementation services, and how HRchitect can help your organization, please visit

Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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