Peoplefluent Expands Talent Management Suite With Industry-Leading Learning Management Solution…from Peoplefluent


Acquires Strategia to Deliver Single Integrated Source for Industry’s Broadest Suite of Best-of-Breed Talent Applications

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Peoplefluent™, one of the industry’s leading Talent Management solutions providers, today announced the acquisition of its Learning partner, Strategia Communications.  A Canadian-based Learning Management Solutions company, Strategia has award-winning technology and functionality, a modern SaaS platform, a highly recognized customer base and exceptional customer satisfaction.  With this acquisition, Peoplefluent delivers the broadest and deepest Talent Management experience and capability with the deepest integrated functionality and reporting available in a single unified and integrated offering.

“Today’s important acquisition of Strategia is a notable step in a continuing series of Peoplefluent’s important Learning and Social initiatives, designed to dramatically propel the Company’s talent suite from performance assessment to performance improvement through Learning.  These initiatives commenced with our internally developed and industry-recognized iPad and gaming products, launched last fall at the HR Technology® Conference and Expo, and will continue through the first half of 2012 with additional expansion across the Peoplefluent solutions suite,” said Charles S. Jones, Chairman and CEO of Peoplefluent.  “We have long known that improving the role and outcome of Learning in the Talent Management process was an important strategic requirement for our customers, and we are enthusiastic about the combined strength of our offerings.”

“Peoplefluent’s acquisition of Strategia is an excellent move.  Organizations are looking for an integrated talent platform that can manage recruiting, performance management, compensation, and learning,” said Josh Bersin, President and Founder of Bersin & Associates, the leading Talent Management Research and consulting firm.  “The combination of Strategia’s scalable learning management system with Peoplefluent’s integrated talent management platform gives customers a ‘one-stop-shopping’ solution for end-to-end talent management.”

The tight talent market, coupled with an increased focus on the integration between Learning and Performance strategies, has been a driving factor in the recent market consolidation between Learning Management Solutions and Talent Management providers.  This acquisition, however, extends beyond the integration of traditional Learning applications into the traditionally defined Talent Management focal areas of compensation, performance and succession planning.  The combination of these two partners not only brings key integration across traditional Talent Management functions, but, with specific technology features and a shared market focus, it also delivers new synergies across the uniquely differentiating components of the Peoplefluent suite, which include significantly advanced Workforce Analytics, Workforce Compliance and Diversity and Vendor Management System solutions.

“For over 10 years, we’ve focused on providing the best learning technology and services to support the increasingly complex learning needs of organizations and to make a significant difference in the ways their people learn, work and perform,” said Romain Gagnon, co-founder of Strategia.  “Integrating our learning tools with Peoplefluent’s broad Talent Management suite dramatically increases the impact and reach of all of our applications as we truly transition Learning products into development, engagement and performance solutions.  We are very pleased with the expansion of our partnership with Peoplefluent and with the additional results and success we can deliver to our customers.”

Both Peoplefluent and Strategia share a similar enterprise customer base, highly compatible feature sets, more than a decade of leadership and success in each of their respective markets and a deep commitment to customer satisfaction.  With closely aligned architecture and SaaS-centric delivery models, customers are strongly benefited by anticipated ease-of-integration across the technologies and ease-of-implementation, delivery and use.  The market expansion of both Strategia and Peoplefluent is also expected to enhance the service and support of customers in critical markets.

As members of the Peoplefluent team, Romain Gagnon and Line Savard, co-founders, will remain in their leadership capacities and will continue to manage the day-to-day operations of the Learning Solutions business from its headquarters in Montreal.  They will report into Doug Ring, Chief Technology Officer of Peoplefluent.  Immediate plans to integrate the highly compatible technologies are currently underway, and both companies plan to bring new solutions to their respective markets and customer bases within the first half of 2012.  The specific terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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