Kronos Introduces Enhanced Workforce Analytics for Healthcare…from Kronos


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Continuing to deliver on its commitment to develop the next generation of workforce management, Kronos Incorporated recently announced the release of Kronos® Workforce Analytics for Healthcare™, a fully integrated analytics and decision support solution that gives healthcare providers access to all relevant workforce and operational data in one easy-to-use platform. This enables providers to make more intelligent, fact-based decisions while maximizing high-quality patient care within the most advanced, clinically focused workforce management suite on the market today.

News Facts

  • Many healthcare organizations do not leverage analytics to control and improve upon their largest manageable expense – their workforce.
  • To make informed decisions, healthcare providers need to align their workforce data with operational data such as census figures, acuity, billing information, incident reports, and outcomes data. Workforce Analytics for Healthcare consolidates this information into one intuitive dashboard that enables healthcare providers to leverage their workforce data as a competitive advantage and make informed decisions for business growth.
  • Workforce Analytics for Healthcare allows healthcare organizations to answer critical questions about how absence affects the delivery of quality care, the impact of overtime on patient outcomes, and whether or not shift length is contributing to errors or negatively impacting patient safety.
  • Key features of the Workforce Analytics for Healthcare solution include:
  • An intuitive, graphical management dashboard that enables users to view all relevant information in one view and make better labor decisions.
  • The ability to create and edit ad-hoc reports in minutes with an easy-to-use graphical interface and without the assistance of IT or Kronos.
  • Built-in, sophisticated security features that provide personalized intelligence, enabling employees at all levels to have necessary data to make fact-based decisions, while at the same time limiting access to minimize compliance and privacy concerns.
  • Real-time visibility into workforce issues so questions about labor costs and workforce needs can be addressed immediately and not just at the end of the week or month when problems have already occurred. Workforce Analytics for Healthcare provides granular alerts as outliers are occurring so they can be fixed well before they become problematic trends.
  • Workforce Analytics for Healthcare will be available in March.


Supporting Quotes

  • Brian Graves, global practice leader, healthcare practice group, Kronos
    “Healthcare decision makers have access to so much data in so many formats that it can be overwhelming and confusing to sort through. The new Kronos Workforce Analytics for Healthcare solution consolidates all of that data, enabling better, fact-based, real-time decisions, and ultimately improving the overall quality of patient care.”
  • Mark Smith, CEO and EVP Research, Ventana Research
    “The use of analytics in business is pervasive, but it is surprising how few organizations are using analytics to more effectively manage their workforce. With its easy-to-use interface, deep functionality, and rock-solid reliability, Kronos Workforce Analytics for Healthcare may finally encourage those healthcare organizations that are not yet using analytics to make that leap.”


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