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Talent management technology-provider JobApp Network said that Checkers Drive-In Restaurants is utilizing its services to up its talent quotient and reduce turnover.

According to JobApp, after less than nine months of utilizing its core talent acquisition solution, Checkers’ own internal analysis showed a 40.9% reduction in restaurant team member turnover. And, said JobApp, turnover results from the team members at JobApp restaurants were significantly better compared to Checkers’ control group restaurants.

Eliminating paper through JobApp allowed Checkers to process 14,000 applications across its 298 corporate locations in November 2011 and entirely eliminate paper from the hiring and onboarding processes.

“Over the past four years, Checkers and Rally’s has been investing heavily in systems, including Guest Satisfaction, Speed of Service and other operational tools along with Back Office solutions that are delivering record-level results in Guest Satisfaction and other operating metrics,” said Adam Noyes, chief restaurant operations and supply chain officer.

According to Noyes, the JobApp tool has helped drive awareness to an available employment pool, and has systematized the manual system, providing Checkers managers with tools to select the very best employees. “We also partnered with JobApp on full integration with our other operating systems, so it is a win-win for our team and for our guests,” he said.

Restaurant manager surveys conducted by Checkers across more than 50 restaurants indicated that restaurant managers also clearly perceived that JobApp brought a better quality of applicant and reduced time-to-hire.  In fact, the vast majority of its restaurant managers indicated an average time savings of approximately two hours per week and 92% of restaurant managers strongly recommended rolling JobApp out across the entire system.

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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