Talent Technology Acquires HR Integrations LLC…from Talent Technology


Combined solution delivers HR industry’s most comprehensive and extensible platform for connecting recruiting and talent management systems with background checks, assessments, candidate screening, and related HR services; proven cloud-based platform streamlines and improves the candidate experience

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Talent Technology Corporation, providers of Talemetry™, the leading talent generation solution for corporate human resource (HR) and recruitment agencies announced today the acquisition of HR Integrations, LLC, providers of the HRNX (HR iNtegration eXchange) integration network. HRNX is a cloud-based solution that connects HR systems with leading HR services providers through pre-built, managed integrations. HRNX delivers a revolutionary alternative to expensive, complex, multiple, one-off vendor integrations.

HRNX bridges the gap between all types of HR systems (ATS, talent management, learning and ERP) and the broad HR services marketplace, which includes background checks, online assessments, drug testing, online video interviews, tax credit screening, and more. HRNX already connects over 170 different service providers with new solutions being added every month.

The HRNX technology is a cloud-based solution designed to quickly integrate into any SaaS or on-premise application. HRNX enables online, fully integrated, workflows with no manual paper or fax processing. The platform is designed to quickly build additional connectors to HR technology and services providers.


  • For ATS and Talent Management vendors, HRNX provides rapid one-time cost effective integration to provide access to the entire network of value-added services to improve their offerings and drive additional revenue streams.
  • For HR Service Providers, HRNX delivers a one-time integration to offer their services online to reach more customers with a streamlined workflow and lower cost service delivery and maintenance.
  • For recruiters and hiring managers, HRNX delivers one consistent interface integrated with their talent generation, applicant tracking or HRIS system to improve hiring workflows with significantly reduced cost of integration development and maintenance.
  • HRNX improves the candidate experience by delivering a unified workflow during the screening and assessment phase of hiring eliminating the currently multi-step, manual process candidates face today.

“At Talent Technology we have been integrating to leading talent management and applicant tracking systems for over 10 years, with 400+ integrations to Job Boards and ATSs. The combination of our experience and integration portfolio with the HRNX platform provides our customers and partners with the most cost effective and proven integration capability available to connect the HR technology and services industry. This acquisition delivers a powerful cloud-based technology platform to connect candidates with a variety of HR services that to help hire the right people,” said Jade Bourelle, CEO of Talent Technology. “We are excited that the co-founders Chris Cho, and Paul Mladineo and the HR Integrations team is joining us, along with their strong partnerships to help us deliver the best solutions our customers, partners, and our industry.”

“The HR Integrations’ team is excited to be joining the Talent Technology organization and adding our connectivity products to the Talemetry product suite,” said Paul Mladineo, president and co-founder, HR Integrations. “We plan to expand the HRNX network significantly with the addition of Talent Technology’s numerous relationships with HR software providers while pushing industry integration standards even higher with HRNX technology,” said Chris Cho, CTO and co-founder.

“The HR technology market is constantly changing and currently fragmented into hundreds of vendors and service providers making technology decisions difficult, expensive and risky for HR organizations to fully take advantage of the technology and services they need to hire the right people quickly and efficiently,” said Sarah White, founder, Sarah White & Associates LLC. “The combination of the HRNX platform with Talent Technology’s strong track record of partnering in the HR technology space makes this a real win for customers, HR technology providers, and HR Services providers.”


HRNX is available today. The HRNX vendor network is continually being expanded based on customer demand. In addition, Talemetry talent generation suite customers can add HRNX capabilities as a new option to access the broad and expanding network of HR services immediately.

For more information please visit http://www.talenttech.com

To learn more about HRchitect’s expertise in HR technology strategy, selection and implementation services, and how HRchitect can help your organization, please visit www.HRchitect.com

Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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