PeopleMatter Launches Game-Changing Mobile Scheduling Software…from PeopleMatter


Online System Taps Into New Market with Smartphone App Focused on Service Industries

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PeopleMatter, the leading talent management platform specifically built for hourly workforces in the service industry, vows to end paper scheduling with the launch of its online labor management system, PeopleMatter SCHEDULE™. SCHEDULE’s mobile app and online tools help service-industry workforces manage shifts, stay connected and take control like never before.

SCHEDULE’s powerful, Web-based technology allows managers to create, share, update and optimize schedules automatically, 24/7. Organizations can easily configure rules and preferences by specific locations or company-wide to help improve compliance, increase schedule-accuracy and prevent unplanned overtime and costs. A free iPhone and Android app lets employees access schedules, trade shifts and view updates right on their smartphones.

With smartphone usage nearly tripling in 2011 and more than half of its typical employee base (18-29 year-olds) device owners, the service industry must adopt solutions that cater to this tech-savvy generation’s values in order to attract and retain top talent. PeopleMatter’s app allows organizations to capitalize on the mobile epidemic and helps streamline communication with on-the-go workforces.

“This is a game-changer for both the service industry and talent management software,” said Stacey Harris, Vice President of Research and Advisory Services for Brandon Hall. “Scheduling has been a push-and-pull process, but talented employees are requiring more collaborative methods. With SCHEDULE, PeopleMatter is making talent management more than lip-service — they are making it practical and relevant for today’s workforce.”

SCHEDULE is the third module on the PeopleMatter Platform, which also includes PeopleMatter HIRE™ and PeopleMatter LEARN™. With these integrated solutions, employers can quickly and easily manage all of their applicant tracking, hiring, onboarding, training and scheduling processes online within one system.

“SCHEDULE is smart, easy-to-use software that connects the entire PeopleMatter Platform,” said Kay Lucas, Vice President of Product Management for PeopleMatter. “Now, admins can require new-hires to complete a training course before store managers can put them on the weekly schedule. Real-time alerts and color-coded shifts make it easy for managers to prevent overtime … before it hits the bottom line.”

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