Industry Leading Mobile Talent Management Applications from Peoplefluent To Be Available for New 4G-Equipped iPad…from Peoplefluent


Company’s Mobile Integration Platform Delivers Highly Visual Actionable Analytics for Executives on the Move

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Peoplefluent™, an industry-leading Talent Management solutions provider, today announced that its mobile Talent Management applications, enabling executives, managers and HR professionals to manage talent in real-time will be available for the New iPad leveraging its 4G connection speed and advanced Retina display. The apps will be available for download on the App Store.

Part of the Peoplefluent “Fluency on the Move” mobile talent management suite, Workforce Explorer, Jot Note, and Comp Manager connect managers, executives and human resource professionals to detailed information about employees, contingent workers and candidates to make better, faster, fact-based business decisions.

Unlike other talent management solutions, Peoplefluent leverages its expertise to deliver a holistic view of the workforce. With Workforce Explorer, managers can drill-down into detailed information for both traditional employees and contingent workers, resulting in valuable talent visibility at their fingertips, including performance, potential, readiness and flight risk insights. Jot Note allows managers to capture (and retrieve) quick performance-related notes about their employees throughout the year – anytime, anywhere. Comp Manager provides the manager with the power to reward and motivate high performing employees.

With the swipe of a finger, managers can make better talent decisions by uncovering the specific skills needed based on multiple attributes and by reviewing workforce progress against key performance indicators (KPIs). With Peoplefluent mobile Talent Management applications on the iPad, there is unprecedented predictability in talent decisions.

“Peoplefluent’s mobile Talent Management Suite was designed as a native-iPad application, taking into thoughtful account the relevant uses of data and information most applicable for the mobile executives,” said Doug Ring, Chief Technology Officer of Peoplefluent. “We are confident that our rich, immersive visual experiences will be even more brilliant with the new 4G-enabled iPad Retina display, and we are already investigating ways to leverage the other features of the new iPad.”

Peoplefluent’s suite of mobile Talent Management applications are available for download from iTunes, making them more readily accessible to a wider audience. Visit iTunes today to download your free copy of Workforce Explorer, Jot Note and Comp Manager.

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect

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