Halogen’s Latest Product Release Makes it Simpler to Connect Talent Strategies to Business Initiatives…from Halogen Software


New product enhancements demonstrate the company’s continued commitment to help organizations streamline their talent programs, align their workforce and deliver on business initiatives

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Halogen Software recently announced several new features and enhancements to the Halogen Talent Management Suite™ that will support organizations in delivering on business initiatives and aligning their workforce to core business strategies. Two of the many product enhancements featured in Halogen’s Version 11.1 updates include: the ability to easily import goal targets from external systems, and the ability to import past development plans into a performance management process for ongoing tracking.

Goal Management Updates:

Goal management is an essential part of the performance management process that helps to focus employees on the most important and pressing organizational priorities. The challenge for many users of employee performance management systems is that almost every industry maintains critical performance metrics in disparate external systems. When this information is stored outside an organization’s employee performance management tool, it makes the assessment of goal achievement and measurement cumbersome.

With the new goal import feature, Halogen customers can easily bring goal targets from external systems into the employee’s performance appraisal or goal evaluation process for assessment. This means organizations can now easily ensure all relevant goal results based on job priorities are centralized in one place – Halogen eAppraisal™ – and available for managers to assess and comment on as needed.

This unmatched goal management capability helps organizations across many industries set, define and track goal progress according to the unique needs of their business.

For example, healthcare organizations who need to tie compensation to performance outcomes like quality of care and patient satisfaction, can import goal targets directly into Halogen eAppraisal Healthcare. Following the assessment period, goal results such as fall rate, patient satisfaction, etc. can then be directly imported into the solution as well. This capability helps to ensure full view and assessment of these critical quality of care results.

“The new goal enhancement functionality is a huge benefit to our process and to our leadership team,” said Bradley Beecher, Manager of Compensation/HRIS, Sherman Health. “We track goal results related to performance outcomes like fall rate and patient satisfaction in a separate system. The ability to import this data into Halogen makes it easier to manage compensation adjustments because all relevant goal results are centralized in one place. This great new functionality demonstrates Halogen listens to their customers. I appreciate that.”

View a screenshot example of the new import goals functionality:

Development Planning Enhancements:

Organizations that proactively link development to employee performance are better positioned to address business pressures such as: skill gaps in critical roles, succession planning needs, competitive threats, rapid business growth, expansion into new markets, and more.

This best practice is supported by another major enhancement in Halogen’s latest release – the ability to import assigned development plans into an appraisal or development form. With this new feature, Halogen customers now have the tools they need to not only create and assign learning and development, but also a process through which to monitor and track progress to ensure these plans are fulfilled.

“With this enhancement, Halogen has taken its best in class integrated development planning capability and made it part of the ongoing performance management process,” said Dawn MacKay, Vice President, Product Management, Halogen Software. “Unlike other solutions which simply provide for development tracking, with the click of a mouse past development plans can be recalled and assessed. This closes the loop on development plans by ensuring development activities create the desired performance impact.”

This helps managers stay abreast of an employee’s progress, and the process fosters more open communication between managers and employees regarding development, which supports increased engagement and accountability.

View a screenshot example of the new import past development plans functionality:


Other Enhancements:

A new Word Cloud generator is one of numerous other enhancements and features in Version 11.1 of the Halogen Talent Management Suite. The Word Cloud generator offers administrators a visual representation of the feedback and tone of the appraisal process. This information can be used to identify trends, issues or themes at any point in the performance review cycle so that HR and line managers can address them in a timely manner.

For more information on Halogen Software, please visit www.halogensoftware.com

To learn more about HRchitect’s expertise in HR technology strategy, selection and implementation services, and how HRchitect can help your organization, please visit www.HRchitect.com


Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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