Halogen and Qontext Link Workforce Collaboration Directly to Talent Management Processes

Market Leaders Partner to Help Increase the Effectiveness of Talent Processes Through Enhanced Enterprise Collaboration

HRchitect featured Halogen Software in our release of The Suite Life of Integrated Talent Management and also includes them in our list of top Talent Management Systems vendors that businesses should consider. If you are looking for a new Talent Management System, or any HR system, don’t rely solely on “recommendations” or published reports. Do yourself a huge favor and talk to HRchitect first. After 15 years, HRchitect has unparalleled knowledge of the HR and Talent Management vendor community and can save you time and money in selection and implementation. Simply put, do not invest in any kind of HR technology without consulting with the experts first. HRchitect is always available to help!

Halogen Software and Qontext Inc. today announced a partnership that combines the benefits of Halogen’s end-to-end talent management suite with Qontext’s state of the art enterprise social software.  Through this partnership, Halogen and Qontext customers can improve internal communication and collaboration related to talent management processes and workforce decision-making.

In its January 2012 survey, How Social Media Is Embedded in Business Strategy and Operations, SHRM (The Society for Human Resource Management) reported that 79% of US organizations using social media for internal use cite information sharing as the primary use, making it an increasingly important internal collaboration tool.

Halogen’s end-to-end talent management suite is built from the ground up to drive performance; it breaks down the silos that previously existed between different HR functions, while Qontext’s social enterprise software breaks down the barriers to collaboration across the enterprise. HR professionals, managers and employees involved in talent management processes such as recruiting, performance appraisals, elearning, and succession planning can share an intuitive conversation thread that is permanently tied to the application and process to which it relates.

“Human Resources is a natural business function to benefit from social collaboration, which is why we’re excited to partner with Halogen Software,” says Samir Ghosh, Vice President of Business Development & Strategy at Qontext Inc. “Qontext’s unique abilities to link social collaborations – and what we call ‘contextual pinning’ – to relevant processes and records in the Halogen solution helps increase productivity and knowledge management for HR, managers, employees and event candidates.”

This collaboration and communication within the talent management lifecycle is meant to increase both the efficiency and the effectiveness of these processes, including tasks associated with building job descriptions, recruitment, learning management and succession planning.  For example, in the recruiting process, discussions around the candidate screening process can be held without leaving the Halogen eRecruitment™ solution. All relevant stakeholders in the hiring process, including HR and the hiring manager, can access this information and contribute to it.  And all information shared within the process remains anchored to the application in the same place, for easy access at any time in the future.

“The combination of Qontext’s social collaboration technology and Halogen’s integrated talent management suite can be very powerful,” said Donna Ronayne, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Halogen Software. “Building a world class workforce demands the involvement of every layer of management as well as the HR team. The easier it is for all of these people to communicate and share information within the context of the Halogen Solution, the more effective their efforts will be in areas like talent acquisition, succession planning and professional development.”

For more information on Halogen Software, please visit www.halogensoftware.com

To learn more about HRchitect’s expertise in HR technology strategy, selection and implementation services, and how HRchitect can help your organization, please visit www.HRchitect.com
Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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