Lumesse Globalizes Lumesse Mobile App for Lumesse TalentLink 12 With New User Experience, Extra Language Support and New Capabilities…from Lumesse


Gives Managers Access to Key Process Steps, Employee Information in Multiple Languages From Their iPhones

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Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, has released a new version of its Lumesse Mobile app for Apple iOS, with an enhanced user experience, multi-lingual capabilities and improved usability.

The Lumesse Mobile app allows businesses worldwide using Lumesse TalentLink 12 to give managers access to key process steps and employee information in multiple languages from their iPhones (the app is also iPad-compatible). Designed as a true native iOS app to ensure a responsive, high-quality user experience on mobile platforms, Lumesse Mobile is available immediately from the Apple App Store.

The improvements in Lumesse Mobile, mostly driven by user feedback on the initial version, are designed to increase global adoption of Lumesse Mobile among the hundreds of businesses worldwide using the SaaS technology of Lumesse TalentLink 12.

“This is a great example of our promise to be the only global company making talent management work locally,” said Lumesse CEO Matthew Parker. “Our global customers told us they wanted more supported languages to help their local managers, an even better user experience to drive adoption across their business teams and extra capabilities aligned to their business processes. We listened, and we’ve delivered a great new app that we expect to substantially drive take-up of Lumesse Mobile.”

Lumesse Mobile now supports the following languages: English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, French, Chinese, Italian and Spanish. The new user interface is designed to be clearer, brighter and more intuitive, while extra functionality has been added in areas such as the job requisition approval process and the candidate selection process.

The launch of Lumesse Mobile comes shortly after the recent launch of Lumesse TalentLink 12, the SaaS talent management system from Lumesse. Lumesse TalentLink 12, available immediately, offers the clearest roadmap to a new generation of socially-focused, fully unified talent management solutions designed to drive universal user adoption, high-employee engagement and productive full-lifecycle talent management across all types of business processes. Lumesse TalentLink 12 also represents the first phase of the expansion of this market-leading talent acquisition system to a fully-integrated, full lifecycle talent management solution with the addition of HR Core, Performance Management and Career & Succession Planning capabilities. The new talent management functionality continues the true SaaS DNA of Lumesse TalentLink with multi-tenancy, multi-client, effective dating, self-configuration and a highly configurable workflow and user interface at the heart of the system. The talent management capabilities will continue to expand as the 2012 roadmap is executed, and they will be joined by exciting new capabilities in social collaboration and integrated learning based on the award-winning technology acquired in 2011 with Edvantage Group.

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