Ultimate Software and Yammer Bring Together Collaboration and Workforce Performance Management…from Ultimate Software


Integration between the UltiPro Human Capital Management Solution and Yammer’s Enterprise Social Network Enables Greater Insight into People Performance

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Ultimate Software (Nasdaq:ULTI), a leading cloud provider of people management solutions, announced recently that it has partnered with Yammer, the leading provider of enterprise social networks, to seamlessly connect Yammer to UltiPro HCM. The integration combines the rich data about people housed within UltiPro with the natural, continuous feedback on employees’ work, achievements, progress, and cross-functional collaboration shared on Yammer.

UltiPro serves as the hub for all of an organization’s people information and workforce intelligence — from recruiting through career development, job history, compensation, payroll, and performance. By connecting the HR system of record with Yammer’s real-time collaboration solution, the two companies are working to foster better employee engagement while also capturing organic performance management information for the business.

“Ultimate is focused on designing people management solutions for the way people really work. Static, once-a-year performance appraisals don’t capture the full picture of an individual’s contributions, strengths, achievements, and opportunities for growth,” noted Pat Pickren, VP of product management for Ultimate. “By combining the rich data on all aspects of an employee’s career with the ongoing feedback from the Yammer corporate social community, Ultimate and Yammer can enable companies to better understand how their people work, collaborate, and succeed — and, more importantly, act on that intelligence to strengthen business performance.”

The first phase of UltiPro and Yammer integration will be available in UltiPro’s Spring 2012 release. Key points of integration on the 2012 plan include:

  • Recognition from Yammer published within the  UltiPro talent profile—Managers and HR staff will see the comprehensive, continuous picture of employee performance in one central place, as UltiPro seamlessly captures praise from Yammer into the performance      management record.
  • Team collaboration view—Managers will be able to view a filtered stream of their team members’ collaboration from Yammer as part of the UltiPro Talent Gateway, making it easy to review both performance information and real-time activity in one place.
  • Single sign-on from UltiPro to Yammer—This feature will provide a seamless, yet secure, login experience.
  • Work milestones—This will enable people to tag accomplishments relative to a company, team, or individual goal within Yammer and have these milestones captured in UltiPro’s goal management capability.
  • Cross posting and messaging—Jobs posted in UltiPro will automatically post to Yammer, and administrative alerts or actions can be part of an individual’s activity stream.

“Ultimate focuses on capturing comprehensive information about a company’s people in one place — and Yammer focuses on helping those people actively participate, collaborate, and drive company performance, so this partnership was a natural extension for both of our organizations,” said David Sacks, founder and CEO, Yammer. “We’re looking forward to joining forces with Ultimate to help companies and their employees become more effective.”

An Open Approach to Collaboration and Performance

The connection with Yammer is the first step in Ultimate’s approach to open the HCM system of record to collaboration platforms and work management systems in the enterprise. Through standards-based connectors, UltiPro will instantaneously collect and publish people data across social tools, activity streams, and work management platforms. This integration will make it easier for individuals and teams to work in ways that are natural while still capturing information vital for understanding and managing organizational performance.

“Because UltiPro is the master system-of-record for all data on the people in an organization, our solution captures the most comprehensive data on an organization’s talent in one place,” said Adam Rogers, chief technology officer for Ultimate. “The value of capturing that depth and breadth of data lies in UltiPro’s unique ability to allow customers to synthesize their workforce information and make decisions on it for more effective talent management, employee engagement, and talent retention. With the addition of integration to work collaboration tools, UltiPro will provide our customers greater understanding of what makes their talent successful.”

For more information on Ultimate Software, please visit www.ultimatesoftware.com

To learn more about HRchitect’s expertise in HR technology strategy, selection and implementation services, and how HRchitect can help your organization, please visit www.HRchitect.com

Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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