City Government and Public School System of Salem, Virginia Select Kronos for Cost Savings and Efficiencies…from Kronos


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The city government and public school system of Salem, Va. selected a comprehensive workforce management solution from Kronos Incorporated to control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve productivity. As a single, integrated system serving both public sector entities, Kronos will help save significant amounts of time as well as create budgetary savings.

News Facts

The Salem city government and school system selected time and attendanceabsence managementHR and payroll, and mobile applications from Kronos to automate and standardize processes. Kronos was chosen because of its leadership in the public sector; ability to fill gaps in critical areas such as payroll to help save dollars; and comprehensive product offering. Replacing a combination of manual and legacy systems, Kronos will be used by all departments of the city and across all six schools in the school system.

For added efficiency and cost savings, the Salem city government and school system share payroll and HR resources, and the two entities needed a system with superior integration capabilities such as Kronos to support this joint process. After a thorough evaluation of competing solutions including those offered by ERP vendors, the city and school system realized that Kronos could best meet all of its complex workforce management needs.

Just by minimizing payroll errors alone, Kronos may generate additional budget savings since payroll represents $35 million of these entities’ operational expenses. The savings achieved will be used to further enhance citizen and educational services.

Other benefits of Kronos include reduction of time required to complete payroll processing through elimination of paper processes. Supervisors will no longer have to sort through hundreds of paper leave forms. With Kronos, the entire leave seeking and granting process will be automated. Additionally, Kronos will enable the city and school system to analyze trends in employee absences to help control associated costs.

Kronos will also help track part-time and remote employee time accurately through automation of complex pay rules associated with a diverse employee population and mobile applications. Finally, the city and school system will be able to comply with federal, state, and other labor law regulations more accurately with Kronos.

Supporting Quotes

Angela Sellers, director of technology systems, City of Salem
“So far, we have been receiving payroll and HR reports after the fact and it is not productive. With Kronos, we will be able to take preemptive action through real-time data and stop costly labor- related errors. The advanced Kronos solutions including mobile applications will help us make more informed workforce decisions and further support the delivery of superior citizen service, which is our primary focus.”

Michael Crew, software project manager (and previously school director of business), Salem Public Schools
“Particularly in the schools, we needed to manage varying schedules more accurately and we had outgrown our legacy system and its limited capabilities. As a market leader, Kronos will offer us the most advanced solutions to address this issue and our other workforce management issues. The superior integration capability of Kronos will also help us to be cost effective and efficient, as we will have access to real-time and historical data of all city and school employees in one system.”

Christine Carmichael, director of public sector practice group, Kronos
“Salem boasts a high-performing city government and school system, which are strong examples of public sector organizations that are working smarter and more efficiently to provide superior citizen services and education institutions. We are pleased to support Salem’s initiatives through our in-depth understanding of public sector implementations.”

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