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High Tech Manufacturer Leverages SumTotal’s Cloud Solution to Drive Business Improvement


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SumTotal® Systems, Inc., the global leader in Strategic Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, announced recently that Tokyo Electron, Inc. (TEL) is deploying SumTotal’s Cloud-based learning solution in multiple languages to deliver exceptional customer service, increase satisfaction and drive business improvement.

Tokyo Electron is a leading global supplier of semiconductor production equipment, engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of these products around the globe and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company also uses specialized technologies developed for the semiconductor production equipment market to engage in flat panel display (FPD) production equipment.

Tokyo Electron set a goal to provide a higher level of service to its customers across the globe. To help achieve this goal, the company implemented SumTotal’s Cloud Learning solution, which offers its customers web-based training content and courses about Tokyo Electron products, all directly accessible via online at any time. In addition, Tokyo Electron leverages the SumTotal solution to educate internal employees with easily accessible product training to deliver better customer service.

“We have customers all around the world, and providing direct access to product training in real time, and in a customer’s local language, enables us to offer a higher level of customer service,” said Mr. Ken Tanaka, Senior Manager of Global Service Group, Field Solution Department, Field Solution BU at Tokyo Electron Ltd. “The result is more effective customer engagement and greater customer satisfaction for our business.”

The SumTotal Learning Management System (LMS) offers a fully integrated global system for all audiences to access. As a result, Tokyo Electron more efficiently manages a single system to serve both employees and customers while reducing the cost to deploy and maintain the solution. In addition, using the advanced tools in the SumTotal LMS such as dynamic audiences, Tokyo Electron automatically completes otherwise complex tasks and ensures the right content is reaching the correct audience.

Tokyo Electron is also able to deploy a truly global solution that delivers a high quality user experience to various audiences anywhere in the world at any time. The solution scales to meet the company’s businesses needs without Tokyo Electron needing to manage complex IT, hardware or software environments – lowering the total cost of ownership while improving quality of service.

“We were pleased to leverage SumTotal’s Cloud platform for this solution as it represented the best choice for our business,” said Mr. Ken Tanaka, Senior Manager of Global Service Group, Field Solution Department, Field Solution BU at Tokyo Electron Ltd.” SumTotal has helped us stay focused on delivering high-quality content, rather than having to manage a complex hardware and software environment.”

With over 15 Million cloud-based users on SumTotal’s Cloud solution, customers reap the benefits of a robust Cloud infrastructure and achieve faster deployment, more rapid innovation, improved accessibility, and cost effectiveness.

“Our customers understand the power and flexibility that Cloud-based technology can deliver to their business,” said SumTotal’s CEO John Borgerding. “With our Cloud-based human capital management solution, there is never unexpected costs’ concerning labor or infrastructure. When businesses need to do more with less, and do it faster, our cloud solution is a complementary option to help them better manage key business processes.”

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