Micro Focus Strengthens Recruitment Programs with SilkRoad Technology…from SilkRoad Technology


Leading global software company, Micro Focus, has invested in SilkRoad technology’s recruitment solution, OpenHire. Following a successful installation in the company’s Belfast office, where the software has facilitated the employment of 15 new staff, OpenHire will now be deployed across the company’s offices worldwide.


HRchitect featured SilkRoad in our release of The Suite Life of Integrated Talent Management and also includes them in our list of top Talent Acquisition Systems vendors that businesses should consider. SilkRoad competed in the HRchitect Beauty Pageant on Onboarding Systems in January 2009, and the HRchitect IRONMAN on Mid-Marketing Talent Acquisition Systems on June18, 2010, where they were crowned the winner of each. Brian Platz, EVP and COO of SilkRoad also appeared on the HRchitect WebMingle on March 20, 2009. Finally, HRchitect attended the SilkRoad user conference, SilkRoad Connections, in May 2010 and May 2011.


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Micro Focus, a FTSE 250 company with international operations, recently reviewed its recruitment practices. Prior to its relationship with SilkRoad, a global provider of social talent management solutions, Micro Focus relied mainly on recruitment consultants to source potential employees. However, the company was keen to streamline its hiring process and bring it under the management of its in-house human resources department for most new hires across the organization.

OpenHire is an easy-to-use, enterprise class content management software that accepts and organizes applications from multiple sources, including emails and social networks. The solution’s highly advanced, knowledge based search options streamline the retrieval process, making every step in recruiting (from screening to evaluating) more efficient.

“It quickly became clear that OpenHire was developed with the end user in mind.  We needed a product that was flexible and could be tailored to our unique requirements. A key reason for our decision to invest in SilkRoad technology was the speed of OpenHire implementation,” said Paul Milnes, head of compensation & benefits, Micro Focus. “At only four weeks this has helped us to recruit 15 new staff in our Belfast office very effectively and in a shorter period of time than would have happened under our previous practices.”

In addition to the operational benefits achieved by bringing this function in-house, Micro Focus expects to make financial savings thanks to its use of OpenHire software, reducing the cost per hire. The company also intends to implement SilkRoad’s leading onboarding solution, RedCarpet, to help new employees integrate seamlessly into the company’s systems and culture.

“OpenHire helps organizations reduce advertising and agency costs, while improving the candidate experience throughout the recruiting process and decreasing time per hire,” said Giles Hodson, Managing Director for Northern Europe at SilkRoad. “We are delighted to be able to support Micro Focus to grow its talented team.”

For more information on SilkRoad Technology, please visit www.silkroad.com

To learn more about HRchitect’s expertise in HR technology strategy, selection and implementation services, and how HRchitect can help your organization, please visit www.HRchitect.com

Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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