Workday Unveils Advanced User Experience; Commitment to HTML5 Starting with Mobile…by Workday


Workday 16 Delivers Significant Enhancements for Financial Management, Human Capital Management, and Payroll


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Workday, Inc., the leader in SaaS-based enterprise solutions for global human resources (HR), payroll, and financial management, today unveiled Workday 16, the company’s newest update. Workday 16 delivers more than 128 new enhancements and features as well as an advanced and modern user experience across all solutions, including HTML5 for mobile. All customers benefit from Workday’s ability to rapidly adopt the newest technologies as they become available, receiving updates free of charge as part of their regular SaaS subscriptions.

What’s New:
Workday for Mobile – Advancing the Mobile Enterprise
Mobile devices continue to dramatically change the way businesses operate. Workday 16 brings even more innovative features to Workday mobile solutions and delivers support for the mobile web with HTML5. In addition to bringing key enhancements to the iPhone® and iPad® native apps, Workday 16 leverages HTML5 with the launch of a new touch-optimized interface at for mobile platforms such as AndroidTM, BlackBerry®, Symbian, and Windows® Phone. Workday will continue to execute on its HTML5 strategy, adding both enhanced functionality as well as support for additional devices.


  • New Look and Feel: Workday 16 features significant enhancements to the mobile experience for the iPhone, iPad and other leading smartphone devices, including a sharper look and feel with more sophisticated navigation.
  • Workday for iPhone: New enhancements include Organizational Swirl, Workfeed activity stream, time-off balances, requests and approvals, and analytics.
  • Workday for iPad: Workday 16 delivers Anytime Feedback, time-off balances, requests and approvals.


Financial Management – Operational Efficiency for Global Businesses
With Workday, large global companies gain a modern financial system that delivers accounting, controls, and reporting in a single, unified system. New features in Workday Financial Management and Spend Management include capabilities to help organizations better manage their suppliers and business assets for more streamlined operational efficiencies.


  • Enhanced Supplier Contract Management: Workday 16 delivers new levels of collaboration, management, and transparency of existing relationships with suppliers. Additionally, deep analytics allow users to drill down and track spending against supplier contracts.
  • Advanced Asset Management: Business assets can now be managed throughout their entire physical and accounting lifecycles. In Workday 16, a complete asset event history is now tracked and viewable, increasing organizational transparency on the history and financial impact of each asset.


Human Capital Management (HCM) – Transforming the Workforce
With Workday 16, Workday continues to streamline the experience of managing, developing, and engaging an organization’s global workforce.


  • Onboarding: The new onboarding process allows organizations to automate new hire paperwork-including I-9 forms and benefits open enrollment documents-and extend a warm welcome to their pre-hire employees to make them more productive on their first day. HR and managers can track employee onboarding progress and tasks via a status summary matrix.
  • Enhanced Merit and Compensation Management for Managers: Workday continues to empower managers by delivering increased visibility and control into the focal review process. Workday 16 enables HR to configure and distribute a compensation pool to managers, and allows those managers to assign and distribute the pools to employees across various reporting structures in an organization. As part of the process, managers can review, edit, and approve recommendations across their subordinate organizations.


Payroll – Processing 100,000 Workers with Accuracy and Control
Workday continues to improve performance and scalability of its payroll solution, and now processes payroll for enterprises with more than 100,000 workers. This enhancement allows global and very large organizations with complex and intensive payroll processes to effectively and accurately pay their workforce.


Workday 16 also includes the graphical visualization of business processes, electronic document distribution and recipient acknowledgement, and Section 508 support for manager self service.


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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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