Halogen Software Plugs and Plays with Key Enterprise Apps to Make Life Easier for HR and Employees…from Halogen Software


New Talent Profile API and Microsoft Office Outlook Plug-in make it easy for organizations to exchange and centralize key employee data in the Halogen Talent Management Suite


HRchitect featured Halogen Software in our release of The Suite Life of Integrated Talent Management and also includes them in our list of top Talent Management Systems vendors that businesses should consider. If you are looking for a new Talent Management System, or any HR system, don’t rely solely on “recommendations” or published reports. Do yourself a huge favor and talk to HRchitect first. After 15 years, HRchitect has unparalleled knowledge of the HR and Talent Management vendor community and can save you time and money in selection and implementation. Simply put, do not invest in any kind of HR technology without consulting with the experts first. HRchitect is always available to help!


Halogen Software has delivered new product enhancements that provide improved integration between its award-winning talent management suite and other enterprise applications. The Microsoft® Office Outlook Plug-in for the Halogen Talent Management Suite™ puts an important “performance feedback” feature of the suite where many users work the most – their inbox. The new Talent Profile API allows customers to automatically import key information from other corporate employee profiles and consolidate it in Halogen’s Talent Profile to gain a complete and secure picture of every employee.

Microsoft Office Outlook Plug-in

Customers have consistently praised Halogen’s “Performance Journal” as a meaningful tool to share and document notes on employee performance. The new Microsoft Office Outlook Plug-in for the Halogen suite makes the Performance Journal tool even more efficient and valuable to both employees and managers.

With the click of a button anyone in the organization can save emails from peers, subordinates, colleagues, customers and partners as feedback within Halogen eAppraisal. This ability to consolidate both internal and external feedback shared through email, and capture it in one central location, helps organizations gather richer feedback for a complete picture of performance. It conveniently puts the feature in an application that employees across the organization use the most – their email – and supports even broader use of the Halogen suite.

The plug-in is designed for ease of use:

Users can instantly convert emails into journal notes without having to log into the Halogen Suite.

Employees can create a feedback note for anyone in the organization resulting in richer information available to employees and managers at performance appraisal time.

“Halogen’s Performance Journal has always been an important tool for our managers and employees,” said Jessica Utley, HR Director, Lattimore Black Morgan & Cain, PC and Affiliates. “This integration with an enterprise wide application like Outlook is going to boost use of this tool even further. We love that Halogen is always looking for ways to improve usability for their products and make the suite a single source for data about our talent.”

Halogen Talent Profile API

Organizations often have employee profiles stored across various internal, disparate systems, which can cause duplicate data entry and inconsistency in data integrity across these different profiles. The Halogen Talent Profile API automatically synchs with profiles stored in other systems – such as HRIS, third-party learning and certification systems, or corporate social networks like Microsoft SharePoint and Yammer – making it the single source of talent data about an employee.

With this API, organizations can:

Develop secure, configurable employee profiles to create a data rich company directory within the Halogen suite.

Provide managers and approvers fingertip access to an employee’s full profile for internal recruitment, while writing an appraisal, completing a talent assessment for succession planning, or when awarding compensation adjustments.

Quickly identify high potential employees for talent pools and leadership bench strength.

Introduce internal social networking capabilities in a secure way – employees across the organization can find and connect with one another based on interests, knowledge, roles, and more.

Lock down sections of the profile to ensure they are only updated with external information via the API and cannot be modified by employees.

Data-rich talent profiles give organizations even deeper insight into an employee’s engagement with their workplace and career. This can make all the difference to a manager deciding on future development opportunities, judging an employee’s competence in areas like initiative, or making a call on questions such as readiness for promotion or risk of leaving the company.

“Halogen’s Talent Profile flexibility has always been a strong selling point for our customers. Now the ability to easily bring in key information from other profiles they use across the enterprise makes it even more compelling,” said Dawn MacKay, VP of Product Management, Halogen Software. “There is no other talent profile on the market that offers these configuration or security capabilities.”

For more information on Halogen Software, please visit www.halogensoftware.com

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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