SilkRoad Technology Partners with HireVue for Digital Interview Management…from SilkRoad Technology


Partnership Provides SilkRoad Customers with Digital Interviewing Solutions that Improve and Enhance the Recruiting and Hiring Process


HRchitect featured SilkRoad in our release of The Suite Life of Integrated Talent Management and also includes them in our list of top Talent Acquisition Systems vendors that businesses should consider. SilkRoad competed in the HRchitect Beauty Pageant on Onboarding Systems in January 2009, and the HRchitect IRONMAN on Mid-Marketing Talent Acquisition Systems on June18, 2010, where they were crowned the winner of each. Brian Platz, EVP and COO of SilkRoad also appeared on the HRchitect WebMingle on March 20, 2009. Finally, HRchitect attended the SilkRoad user conference, SilkRoad Connections, in May 2010, May 2011 and is a proud sponsor of the June 2012 conference.

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SilkRoad Technology, Inc., a leading global provider of cloud-based social talent management solutions, announced today that it has partnered with HireVue, Inc., a provider of the leading Digital Interview Management platform.  The new partnership gives SilkRoad’s Life Suite customers, starting with OpenHire for recruiting, single-click access to HireVue’s SaaS-based Digital Interview Platform.  HireVue’s interviewing solutions streamline and enhance all types of interviews including On Demand, Live, Phone, and In-person interviews with guides and questions, and provide reporting tools that improve the speed, quality, consistency and transparency of interviews.

With an increased focus on social recruiting and overflowing applicant pools, HR needs to be highly selective with who they bring in for an in-person interview.  The traditional interviewing process can be a time consuming and cost prohibitive process for both companies and candidates as recruiters seek out top talent across multiple geographies.  As a result, both companies and candidates spend a great deal of time, money and energy in interviews that don’t always result in quality hires.  By integrating HireVue with SilkRoad, customers benefit by having the ability to interview, share and compare candidates from anywhere in the world.  With HireVue’s Digital Interview Platform, HR is able to better focus on identifying top talent while also improving the candidate experience.

“With traditional interviewing processes, employers waste a lot of time and money interviewing candidates who seem right on paper and over the phone only to discover they’re not a right fit in person. HireVue offers a highly effective method for gaining better insight to candidates, improving quality of hire and helping reduce expensive employee turnover,” said David Bradford, CEO, HireVue.  “Our partnership with SilkRoad will deliver a cost-effective platform that enables their customers to standardize the interview process for a fairer and more objective evaluation of candidates, allowing them to quickly prescreen candidates and improve the quality of hires.”

With HireVue, SilkRoad customers can:

  • Boost productivity by reducing the amount of time recruiters traditionally spend interviewing and increase the time they spend identifying new applicant sources
  • Increase quality of hires with customized prescreening interviewing tools and reach more applicable candidates, no matter their locale
  • Recruit passive candidates by accessing a database of stored recorded interviews
  • Reduce travel costs through remote and On Demand Interviews™ that enable companies to invite candidates to a digital interview that can be viewed by one person or shared with the entire team
  • Improve the candidate experience by eliminating the costs they incur and time spent away from their current jobs when interviewing in-person

“At SilkRoad, we’re committed to providing our customers with the latest HR tools and solutions they need to attract, retain and engage top talent,” said Flip Filipowski, CEO, SilkRoad Technology.  “With HireVue, we’re continuing to enable our customers to break free from traditional, costly, labor-intensive HR activities.  This partnership gives our customers the ability to focus on recruitment strategies that lead to a high performance workforce rather than manual and costly interviewing and prescreening practices.”

HireVue is also a platinum sponsor of SilkRoad’s user conference, SilkRoad Connections, taking place at the Camelback Inn, A JW Marriott Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, June 3-6, 2012.  More than 500 customers, partners and employees will gather together to learn, share and connect on evolving HR trends and technologies.  Kevin Marasco, CMO of HireVue, is presenting “Digital Interviewing – Keep it Up!” on June 6, 2012 at 9:45 MST.  The session will explore how to increase the quality of candidates though the best candidate experience available through digital interviewing.

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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