HireVue Equips Hiring Managers in the War for Tech Talent with the Introduction of CodeVue…from HireVue


Cloud-based Digital Recruiting Platform Helps Rapidly Identify, Engage and Screen Technical Talent through Online Interviews


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The war for technical talent wages on with record demand for high-performing employees far surpassing the availability of qualified candidates to meet this demand. Information technology research company Gartner projects 2013 IT spending to hit $3.7 trillion. This increased investment has led to single-digit unemployment for IT professionals, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, making it extremely difficult for companies to recruit and hire technical talent. The challenge lies in identifying and evaluating complex technical skills, a task that is especially difficult for recruiters and HR leaders who are often not technically proficient, often translating to bad hires. HireVue is introducing a solution to these challenges head-on with the launch of CodeVue™, the world’s first cloud-based digital recruiting platform built to rapidly and effectively identify, screen and assess technical talent.

“As the demand for technical talent proliferates across industries, the need to evaluate their skills has become increasingly challenging,” explains Mark Newman, chief innovation officer, HireVue. “Recruiters often lack understanding of programming languages to properly assess a candidate. Additionally, C-level executives lack the time and resources to commit to the dramatically increasing demand of reviewing each candidate applying for a position. CodeVue, integrated into HireVue’s digital platform, eliminates all of these problems by delivering an interactive, consistent, convenient and data-driven interview process for recruiters, hiring managers and candidates alike.”

“Our top priority is to deliver innovative solutions to help our clients further automate their sales teams and front office operations,” said Jen Kindell, director of operations,360vantage.com. “Since our pace of development is at an all-time high, we needed a better way to quickly identify and evaluate technical skills as we continue to build out our team of talented engineers and developers. HireVue CodeVue is helping us do just that, by allowing us to evaluate a candidate’s ability to code early on in the process, ensuring we’re spending time with only the best candidates with the best skills. This will improve our time to hire, and help us quickly build products that give our clients a competitive advantage.”

HireVue CodeVue enables candidates to more conveniently and expressively showcase their coding abilities through a series of challenges during the digital interviewing process. Recruiters and hiring managers can review candidates’ validated coding results (including scores, score details, and raw and executed code) as well as video responses to behavioral-based interview questions. The online interview responses, code samples and scores can be shared with other members of the hiring team for rapid collaboration, feedback and data-driven decisions. Candidates are afforded a better opportunity to be heard by showcasing their coding skills as well as how they solve problems and the pace at which they can process and complete work – all through HireVue’s social and video-enabled capabilities, and all on their own time.

A core benefit to companies deploying CodeVue is making smarter IT recruitment and hiring decisions. A Center for American Progress study finds that the average cost to replace an employee is between 10 and 30 percent of the employee’s annual salary. HireVue’s digital platform helps fight these costs by allowing hiring managers to more accurately and effectively screen job candidates – from technical competency to cultural fit.

To learn more about HireVue, please visit www.hirevue.com


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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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