PageUp People’s Advanced Analytics Solution Helps Employers Link Human Capital Metrics to Organizational Success…from PageUp People

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Platform Enables Companies to Leverage Big Data and Comprehensive Analytics to Maximize Return on Human Capital Investment

PageUp People™, a Multinational Talent Management solutions provider, recently announced the release of its new Advanced Analytics platform, the latest addition to its unified talent management suite. Designed to help multinational organizations understand critical HR information and attain more flexibility and increased return on investment, the new solution makes it easier for HR professionals to analyze, measure and develop best practices to ensure success across their entire enterprise.

Advanced Analytics is a cloud-based, configurable solution that provides users with comprehensive metrics and analytics to measure and guide success in each aspect of human capital management, including talent acquisition, performance, compensation, development and retention. Moreover, the platform enables HR to move beyond just analyzing cost per hire and time to hire to consider more detailed and nuanced information, such as time to productivity, quality of hire and workforce engagement.

The latest PwC Annual Global CEO Survey highlights that 77% of CEO’s list strategies for managing talent as a primary concern. “Advanced Analytics allows executives to clearly map their human capital initiatives to business outcomes,” said Karen Cariss, CEO of PageUp People, “so this is about talent management metrics providing critical business insights.”

PageUp People’s Advanced Analytics solution is comprised of four main components, including:

·         Advanced Reporting and Self-Service Capabilities – Detailed reporting provides HR with actionable intelligence regarding the different process activities to enable more strategic decision-making. Advanced Analytics users can create interactive, presentation-quality reports on their workforce data, which can then be combined into dashboards, distributed and shared online or used to create highly visual slideshow presentations.

·         Out-of-the-Box Dashboards and Analytics Packages – PageUp People’s solution provides access to pre-built, embedded dashboard analytics to conduct ongoing analysis of talent issues and strategies. The analytics are derived from data put out by the company’s Recruiting, Performance, Development and Succession modules to deliver the insight necessary for maximizing talent investment.

·         Mobile Analytics – Advanced Analytics allows users to leverage the growing use of mobile devices in the workplace, enabling them to access information from anywhere at any time. Through an intuitive interface that does not require any training, users can add more value to their day-to-day activities by accessing key employee information at their convenience.

·         HR Analytics Specialist Team – The PageUp People Consulting Services team works directly with organizations at commencement of the project to execute a successful analytics project. In addition, expert consultants are on hand to provide ongoing support.

“As more organizations expand their hiring across borders, the ability to gain a complete view of talent in all locations and access crucial employee data is necessary to create a winning talent management strategy,” said Cariss. “Additionally, due to rapidly shifting market conditions and shrinking budgets, investors demand that HR professionals rigorously account for their human capital investments. Our Advanced Analytics platform enables HR professionals to analyze the multitude of available data to develop best practices in managing their human capital that will ensure their long-term success and help them gain a competitive advantage.”

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