HRchitect’s HRtechnology Vendor News: Saba Unveils Advanced Cloud Platform to Support the New World of Work

HRchitect includes them in our list of top Talent Management Systems and top Learning Management Systems vendors that businesses should consider. Saba appeared on the HRchitect WebMingle on August 14, 2009. Matt Lafata with HRchitect attended the 2010 Saba Global Summit and Analyst Day in Boston, MA. Matt Lafata & Tiffany Appleby attended the Saba Global Sales Rally FY12 & FY13 in Redwood Shores, CA, the Saba Global Summit 2012 in Miami, FL and the Global Summit and Analyst Day 2013 in San Francisco, CA.

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Open, Standards-Based Platform Provides Advanced Integration, Analytics, Social, Mobile and Collaboration Capabilities

At People 2013: Saba Global Summit, Saba (NASDAQ: SABA) recently announced significant new enhancements to its next-generation cloud platform that underpins the Saba People Cloud solution. The new platform leverages the company’s ongoing investment in its highly secure, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure, which currently supports more than 10.4 million subscribers worldwide.

New technologies are forcing IT departments to adjust their strategies away from cumbersome, proprietary technology architectures to open, cloud-based platforms. This shift is enabling more agility and access to innovative new cloud solutions, while providing a high level of security, scalability and reliability. Saba’s next generation technology platform underpins its new Saba People Cloud solution, is optimized for the cloud and is flexible enough to expose data, connect processes and aggregate content from other diverse technology environments. It provides new capabilities in five key areas:

1)      Mobile Applications– Built to easily support native applications for Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android smartphones and tablets, Saba has mobile applications on the Apple App Store and the Android Market.

2)      Open Social and Content Standards– Designed from the ground up using the open social standard first developed by Google and other social networks, the platform enables easy connections between individuals and with other social networking tools and applications. It also supports great people profile portability so information can be shared between multiple Saba People Cloud communities through Saba Connect, and also with other social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. The platform natively supports the management and sharing of learning content using the AICC, SCORM and Tin Can standards. The hundreds of members of the Saba Content Connect program ensure that the platform has ready access to global learning content.
3)     Saba Integration Studio– Built on a services-oriented architecture with a robust enterprise service bus, the platform’s integration capabilities are packaged together in a powerful new Saba Integration Studio. This powerful, yet easy to use environment provides the ability to create bulk data imports and exports to speed initial implementations, SAML 2.0 single sign on support to make Saba a natural part of any corporate IT environment and exposes a comprehensive set of REST-based Web services that can be used by Saba Services, partners, customers and even third-party developers to create new integrations or extend Saba’s core functionality. Saba also is delivering a series of standard connectors to other third-party solutions like Workday, and others such as recruiting and compensation in the future.

4)    Big Data Analytics– The Saba platform includes a sophisticated new set of analytics capabilities to aggregate data from multiple systems including talent management systems, HRIS systems, financial systems and other business solutions. The data is aggregated and can produce several configurable views, exposed through the organizational chart to provide critical insights into the organizational structure and workforce performance. These new capabilities also help to provide analytics dashboard views to help optimize processes, as well as provide insights into how work actually gets done with a social graphing engine.

5)     Global Configurability, Scalability and Security– One of the most configurable cloud platforms in the industry, Saba supports dozens of languages, as well as the ability to support multiple business units, brands, and divisions with unique security, business rules and other requirements from a single global platform. Saba relies upon the acknowledged scalability and security of the Java stack for its cloud platform providing a clear technology advantage over other similar, but less scalable and secure offerings.

“We’ve invested millions of dollars to build our secure, scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure and our new platform represents the level of maturity required to enable the new world of work,” said Amar Dhaliwal, senior vice president, product strategy at Saba. “Extending its value, our platform enables partners and customers to easily connect Saba with other cloud-based solutions across a wide array of delivery platforms. This will provide them with the business agility they need to compete more effectively as business and technology trends evolve.”

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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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