HRchitect’s HRtechnology Vendor News: Jobscience Brings Cloud-based Recruitment Lifecycle Management to Spin Systems

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Spin Systems Uses Jobscience’s Relationship-centric App to Source Talent, Hire Candidates and On-board Employees

Jobscience Inc., the leader in Social Relationship Management for HR, recently announced that it has enabled Spin Systems to centralize its talent acquisition processes, while simultaneously moving their recruiting system to the Cloud. Spin Systems recruiters can now easily find and access information about a candidate at any point within the engagement process, from any computer at any location.

“Before deploying Jobscience Recruiting, we were using a client-based windows application that required users to go to a computer where the software was installed in order to use the application,” said Ms. Carissa Braithwaite, Human Resources Manager, Spin Systems Inc. “We needed a cloud-based application and were using for CRM, so we were delighted to find that Jobscience leveraged the robust Cloud platform.”

With Jobscience, Spin Systems can approach talent acquisition similar to customer acquisition, which is a game-changer in Human Capital Management. Corporate hiring teams are empowered to treat employees like customers and move candidates through the recruitment management lifecycle in an expedited, seamless, closed-loop fashion – leveraging best-practices and workflows from CRM industry-leader

“Jobscience is a great system that allows us to keep track of every resume, email, phone call and interaction with candidates – all the way through the hiring process,” added Braithwaite. “There have been times we’ve needed to retrieve key information AFTER a hire and the Jobscience application made it quick and easy to find the communication.”

Whether a company is sourcing talent for future growth plans, actively filling open positions, or managing rehires, Jobscience places the ‘individual’ in the center of the workflow, creating a relationship-based system. Other recruiting applications center the workflow around a ‘transaction,’ such as a job requisition. But Jobscience’s relationship-based approach enables recruiters to create and manage a pipeline of talent in a searchable and active database with a complete view of candidate engagement.

“We are facing a situation we have never seen before – a time when we do not have enough talent to back-fill the number of people leaving the economy at the rate they are leaving,” said Ted Elliott, CEO and Founder of Jobscience. “Jobscience is helping companies through this change by transforming their talent acquisition strategy and processes so they can continue to hire candidates with the skill sets they need to be successful.”


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