HRchitect’s HRtechnology Vendor News: SilkRoad Partners with OpenSesame to Deliver Personalized eLearning Solution

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GreenLight Offers Real-Time Access to More Than 21,000 eLearning Courses through Online Marketplace

SilkRoad, a leading global provider of cloud-based social talent management software, has teamed up with OpenSesame to provide an innovative new way to access eLearning content. The new partnership gives SilkRoad’s GreenLight® learning management system (LMS) customers instant access to OpenSesame’s online marketplace, which makes purchasing training content from the world’s most reputable providers as easy as purchasing a song in iTunes. As a result, employers are able to meet critical training needs while keeping employees engaged and interested with a social, web-based LMS.

Matching today’s on-demand culture, SilkRoad’s partnership with OpenSesame eliminates the archaic method of buying entire training libraries that sit unused by employees. It allows for more personalized and tailored training packages that help organizations focus on critical training initiatives to drive business objectives.

“OpenSesame gives companies the freedom and flexibility they need to develop employees and save money by buying only the necessary courses. Similar to how iTunes changed the music industry, we see OpenSesame changing the online courseware space,” said Chris Lennon, director of product management, SilkRoad. “We’re excited to make this pioneering eLearning marketplace available within GreenLight.”

“One of OpenSesame’s goals is to remove all of the headache and hassle that usually comes with working with multiple content vendors. No longer will our customers have to feel stuck between their content provider and their LMS provider when content doesn’t work,” said Tom Turnbull, vice president of business development, OpenSesame. “With our proprietary technology, we assure that all courses will work with SilkRoad’s GreenLight.”

The new partnership provides an innovative model for advanced workforce training, providing seamless access to SCORM compliant eLearning while providing companies the advantage of:

  • A 72-course bundle – Customers can access a collection of courses that address comprehensive training needs including: Microsoft Office, compliance and safety and leadership skills.
  • A mobile-ready solution – Through GreenLight, HTML 5 based courses are easily accessible on an employee’s mobile device.
  • Employee empowerment – Employees are motivated to drive their own careers by viewing new and completed learning opportunities within their overall development plan.
  • 21,000 courses from leading publishers – Customers have access to additional courses from over 260 leading content publishers via OpenSesame’s marketplace, eliminating the need to go through multiple vendors and ensuring that additional IT support isn’t required to make courses work within the GreenLight® LMS.
  • Integrated reporting – Courses are tracked and reported within GreenLight to provide a clear picture and measurement of the impact of training.

“A marketplace for learning content is a novel idea that will change the way companies build their training programs,” said Line Penfound, Human Resources Manager at DST Consulting Engineers. “Having the ability to quickly find and put into practice the courses that make sense for our employees without the hassle of IT customizations grants us the timeliness we need to keep our workforce agile and ahead of the competition.”


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