HRchitect’s HRtechnology Vendor News: Ultimate Software’s UltiPro Supports Substantial Growth and Streamlines Complex Reporting for Healthcare Organization

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Ultimate Software (Nasdaq: ULTI), a leading cloud provider of people management solutions, recently announced that Healogics, Inc., the largest provider of wound care and related disease management in the U.S., is facilitating growth, improving complex workforce reporting, and streamlining its human capital management by leveraging the cloud-based UltiPro solution.

After executives at Healogics finalized an acquisition between the market leaders in November 2011, Payroll Manager Aimee Morgan began integrating the new employees into the company’s processes, including UltiPro. Morgan had joined the healthcare company five years earlier and assisted with the migration to UltiPro from a payroll service bureau. In 2007, Healogics had deployed UltiPro for core HR and payroll in approximately 90 days and then rolled out the solution’s functionality for recruitment, onboarding, performance management, salary planning, and time and attendance. Based on Ultimate’s proven track record with its support services, Morgan knew she could quickly assimilate the new employees into the UltiPro solution.

“With the recent acquisition, we increased our employee base by 50% and had all the new employees live on UltiPro in about 30 days, which is an immense achievement for us,” said Morgan. “UltiPro played an important role in helping us manage the transition smoothly, and today we’re the largest provider of wound care and related disease management in the U.S. We knew we could count on Ultimate Software and UltiPro for the right technology and the right support during this critical period of expansion.”

Healogics has complex HCM requirements related to its unique business model, which includes thousands of employees in more than 500 of its Wound Care Centers® as well as contract workers, temporary workers, and hospital employees. With a diverse workforce in a range of categories, the company needs to develop strategic workforce analytics on each of its locations to make important business decisions that impact the bottom line.

“Because of UltiPro’s flexibility and configurability, we can include all the individuals who work at our Wound Care Centers in our HCM solution—not just the 2,000 employees on our payroll,” said Morgan. “Because UltiPro provides us with high levels of visibility and accuracy, our teams can identify how many nurses it takes to run a specific Wound Care Center and we can report on every person who is working at each of our facilities. We also can give non-employees access to our UltiPro portal that includes a range of company information, which is very helpful in delivering communications to everyone across our organization.”

Because people-related information is unified in UltiPro, Healogics can easily gather critical business intelligence for people-focused decision making. “With UltiPro, we can quickly report on and deliver the average turnover by location or role, and instantly pull up whatever metrics we need to make sure that our operations are efficient and productive and that we have the best people in place,” said Morgan. “The configurability, ease of use, and power of UltiPro enables us to make an impact on our entire business.”

To streamline administration, Healogics is leveraging UltiPro to automate many processes that used to require significant paper usage, hours of manually intensive effort, and other resources that were costly and inefficient. With UltiPro, workflow processes like managing time and attendance are faster and more accurate than ever.

“Everyone, including our CEO, uses UltiPro to manage their time, and we’ve had such a positive response from our employees and managers,” said Morgan. “Within 20 minutes of being hired, new hires can have a time sheet. And if something changes for an employee, like he or she moves to a different team or terminates, we immediately see the change made in every area across the solution, which eliminates redundant data entry and the potential for errors. With UltiPro, we’ve achieved huge gains in efficiencies.”

According to Morgan, Ultimate’s customer service also ranks very highly. “Ultimate’s customer service is fantastic. Ultimate’s people are very knowledgeable, responsive, and friendly,” said Morgan. “Everyone I’ve met at Ultimate Software is ready to help and support us. You can tell Ultimate’s employees are happy to work for the company.”

“We’re very glad that we are adding value to Healogics and contributing to the success of its overall business,” said Greg Swick, chief sales officer at Ultimate Software. “The HR and payroll teams have done a wonderful job in setting up UltiPro to meet its unique business requirements, and they are truly taking advantage of UltiPro’s power and flexibility to add strategic value, automate and streamline processes, and improve the employee experience for the company’s thousands of employees.”


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