HRchitect HRtechnology Vendor News: Randstad Sourceright Introduces RPO-Integrated Assessment Program

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Consultative Approach, Strategic Alignment and Deep Provider Network Drive Candidate Quality and Predictability with a Unique RPO Focus

Randstad Sourceright, a global talent leader, recently announced details of its Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Integrated Assessment Program.  Designed to provide strategic capability beyond single-purpose and ad-hoc utilization of assessments to support given roles, the program provides a comprehensive approach to ensure that assessments drive measurable value in addressing overall talent acquisition and business needs for each client.

A key to the program’s effectiveness is the focused combination of three strategic elements. These include consultative support through dedicated assessment experts; an RPO alignment strategy to ensure that assessments directly address business goals, metrics and reporting needs; and an industry leading assessment network drawing from the strengths of today’s top providers.  As an integrated process in the RPO relationship, assessment strategy is driven by a continuous review and improvement framework, helping to ensure that the assessment strategy evolves to increase predictability of candidate fit and quality against changing business and market needs.

“Through our RPO-Integrated Assessment Program, Randstad Sourceright continues to reinforce the strategic approach that drives all aspects of our RPO solutions,” said Brooke Mellor, Director of Randstad Sourceright’s Assessments Center of Expertise. “By leveraging our deep expertise, a great assessment provider network and a strategic process-driven approach, Randstad Sourceright provides clients with an advantage in achieving and maintaining candidate quality with better predictability.”

“A focus on business impact is central to all facets of our RPO solutions, and assessments are no exception,” said Rebecca Callahan, Randstad Sourceright’s president of RPO. “Through our Assessments COE, Randstad Sourceright is proud to reinforce its commitment to translating RPO value into a business and talent advantage for our clients around the world.”

The RPO-Integrated Assessment program was developed and implemented by Randstad Sourceright’s Assessment Center of Expertise (COE), one of the four primary COEs implemented by Randstad Sourceright over the past two years. The Assessment COE is dedicated to improving candidate quality and effectiveness by centralizing knowledge, guidance and expertise in assessment utilization and ensuring that clients have the right assessment solution for their talent and business needs.

Randstad Sourceright’s enhanced assessment capabilities are preconfigured with its RPO solution as part of its best practices methodology. The global talent leader will help its clients determine the skillsets they require of their candidates and ensure they identify the individuals who will add value to their organizations. Adding a layer of standardization to screening practices, the assessments ensure consistent and objective evaluation of candidates’ skills, fit and capabilities to improve compliance with regulatory requirements.

Randstad Sourceright’s COEs are led by industry experts and thought leaders in key areas of talent acquisition, providing the structure, mission and focus needed to drive continuous improvement and ensure quality results for clients around the world. The company’s primary COEs include: Sourcing and Recruiting; Employment Branding and Social Media; Assessments; and Compliance and Diversity.  To learn more visit:


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Matt Lafata, HRchitect


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