HRchitect Tech Vendor News: MAD Greens Sees “Inspired” Results With PeopleMatter Platform…from PeopleMatter

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MAD Greens — Inspired Eats, a fresh concept on salads based in Colorado, and PeopleMatter, the only comprehensive HR Platform designed for the service industry, recently released ROI results from their partnership in streaming the company’s HR processes. In July 2011, MAD Greens selected PeopleMatter’s automated tools to streamline the entire hiring process into one online Platform. In nine months, the company tracked a 50 percent reduction in manager time spend while increasing data accuracy and ensuring 100 percent compliance.

Prior to implementing PeopleMatter talent management solutions, MAD Greens used paper-based hiring. The growing company struggled to complete required paperwork in a timely fashion. With a small executive staff the greater challenge was ensuring accuracy while tracking requirements, deadlines and updates. With PeopleMatter in place, the restaurant chain could use one central, online location to input, process and store information.

“At MAD Greens, we all wear a lot of hats and it is hard to find time for everything,” said Marley Hodgson, MAD Greens CEO and co-founder. “Taking care of your staff is a full-time job but we don’t always have that luxury. PeopleMatter essentially acts like another team member and that’s critical.”

One of the staffing challenges MAD Greens faced early on was assessing applicants to ensure consistency in hiring decisions. It was a time issue, managers didn’t have time to do the process efficiently. The entire hiring and onboarding process could take up to two weeks. PeopleMatter HIRE™ cut the processing time down to three days and the managers’ time spent on hiring in half. The software also allows the “MAD” company to put a little of its culture into the online onboarding process. Hodgson actually took the time to film a welcoming video for employees to be introduced to the MAD Greens mission.

“It’s a consolidated Platform, helping increase operational efficiency and providing a place our company culture can reside as much as possible on the Internet,” said Hodgson. “It’s really nice when I walk in a store and a new hire says, ‘Hey, I just watched a video of you welcoming me.’”

For MAD Greens, the number one benefit from using PeopleMatter solutions is the accuracy of the data. The “scary proposition” of company audits are in the past. Now the simplicity of the Platform ensures that the restaurant chain’s information is 80 percent more accurate and in an easy-to-access location.

“The PeopleMatter Platform is designed well and clearly thought out,” said Hodgson. “Lots of systems say they are simple, this one actually is. And simplicity is where it is at in our business.”

“Working with exceptional people who believe in your corporate mission is what makes serving our clients so satisfying,” said Nate DaPore, PeopleMatter president and CEO. “MAD Greens is really using the software the way it is meant to be used.”

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