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New Oracle Service Cloud Mobile Agent App Strengthens Oracle Service Cloud’s Cross-Channel Contact Center Solution

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Redwood Shores, Calif. – May 28, 2013

News Summary

Today one in seven Oracle customer service sessions come from mobile devices, allowing customers to instantly request service whenever and wherever they are and leading to an expectation of an instant response. As a result, roaming service agents need mobile applications to increase their productivity and responsiveness to customers. The latest release of Oracle Service Cloud, which includes Oracle RightNow with Oracle RightNow Mobile Agent App, is designed specifically for the iPad and ensures that in today’s busy, multifaceted world service agents, specialists, and managers can stay connected and productive, even while on-the-go. Better access, both online and offline, puts mobile business users in a prime spot for increased customer resolutions. As a result, this improves customer satisfaction and strengthens relationships.

News Facts

Oracle today announced the latest release of Oracle Service Cloud that includes Oracle RightNow and the debut of Oracle RightNow Mobile Agent App for the iPad.
Introducing new robust capabilities to support servicing customers when agents are away from their desks, Oracle Service Cloud now leverages the power of Oracle Fusion Tap, a native application for iPad that redefines user productivity while on-the-go.
Designed specifically for mobile agents, specialists and managers, Oracle RightNow Mobile Agent App, part of Oracle Service Cloud, helps improve productivity and resolution time.
The May 2013 release of Oracle Service Cloud also includes enhancements to the Customer Portal by utilizing mobile device cameras, optimizing for mobile SEO and removing the dependency on CSS and Javascript, thus enabling use on a wider array of mobile devices such as hand-held game-systems and Ketai phones. These enhancements allow customers to get service from any device, find mobile content more easily, and enhance problem descriptions with images to shorten resolution time.

Oracle RightNow Mobile Agent App, part of Oracle Service Cloud

Features include:

Ability to leverage native iPad capabilities and innovative usability patterns, easy navigation and integrated apps such as live maps and FaceTime.
Secure mobile access to key service and support information, including accounts, contacts, incidents and tasks.
Offline caching for a snappy experience and remote access to key information even when disconnected.
Reporting on contact center performance and the ability to monitor exceptions while away from the desk.
Better control and traceability of what is happening with improved transaction auditing, diagnostic logging, server side access control and more.
Available in Apple App Store, easy to install and configurable by business users.


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