HRchitect Tech Vendor News: Lumesse Reports Record Revenue in North America for First Six Months of 2013; 43% Increase vs. 2012

Talent Management Software Leader Signs New Clients to Power Their Talent Acquisition Initiatives While Maintaining Strong Client Retention

AUSTIN, TX, July 23, 2013 — Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, today announced record revenue results for its North American operations during the first six months of 2013. Revenue was 43% higher than for the same period in 2012.

Notable highlights in Lumesse’s North American operations during this period were the signing of new clients in the US and Canada, including large global enterprises in the energy, engineering and chemicals industries. In addition, current clients, such as the Government of Bermuda, have extended their use of Lumesse to address all their talent management requirements from pre-hire to retire.

According to Bucky Couch, Executive VP, Americas, Lumesse, “We continue to see fantastic growth in North America based upon client needs. Our global talent solutions meet the local requirements of complex businesses. We’re proud of our significant growth and our high client retention rate.”

Lumesse Client Satisfaction Examples
“I think that people issues in HR are becoming more difficult,” said Drew Morton, VP and HRO, Hanger. “One of the areas we felt was fundamental to the company to get going on was the alignment of objective and focus. Lumesse impressed me and my team the most around the consultative approach that it took. There are lots of brands out there and I’ve worked with a number of them in different sized companies, but what we were looking for was a true partnership that could grow with us.”

According to Stephen Cerrone, ex-CHRO at Sara Lee Corporation, “I think the people issues in organizations are becoming more complex as time moves on. The increasing regulation, especially in Europe and now more so in the US, regarding things like pay is making the issues people are dealing with more complicated. One of the problems we were trying to solve was to have a common system that everyone could use to look at talent. One of the benefits of partnering with Lumesse was that we ended up with a much more efficient way of looking at people across the organization. So instead of having everybody doing their own thing, we ended up with a common platform anywhere you were across the globe, in terms of evaluating people, doing talent reviews, measuring people and compensating people in a consistent manner.”

According to Olga Damiron, CHRO, Algeco Scottsman, “If you want your company to be aligned, you have to share goals — and sharing goals cannot be achieved if you don’t have a unified performance management process. We are in 36 countries, so imagine 36 local payrolls, local Excel spreadsheets, performance management on paper, currency issues and no standard processes. Working with Lumesse through the implementation process was easy. We are now working with Lumesse as a partnership, much more than a customer/provider role.”

Nancy Capezzuti, VP, HR, Luminex, noted “One of the biggest problems that we’ve had with our performance management system has been the ability to align our goals with the organization’s business strategy. The Lumesse product allowed us to better align those throughout our organization globally. The project manager worked well with us to help us understand our business needs and align the product with the needs of the organization.”


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Matt Lafata, HRchitect

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