HRchitect Tech Vendor News: Healthcare Products Manufacturer Leverages Ultimate Software’s UltiPro for Unified Human Capital Management, Overall Business Efficiencies

WESTON, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ultimate Software (Nasdaq: ULTI), a leading cloud provider of people management solutions, announced today that Octapharma Plasma, a U.S.-based subsidiary of Octapharma AG, one of the world’s largest plasma products manufacturers, is leveraging the UltiPro solution to support rapid expansion, deliver strategic business intelligence to executives and managers, and achieve a range of companywide business benefits.

Octapharma Plasma, Inc. owns and operates plasma collection centers throughout the U.S. and its services are critical to the development of life-saving patient therapies used by thousands of patients all over the world. Previously, the company used multiple systems, including a payroll service bureau, to manage its 2,300 employees, but its HR, payroll, and benefits teams experienced too many restrictions to effectively handle increasing expansion.

“We were very frustrated with the limited capabilities of the service bureau, and our multiple interfaces did not ‘talk’ to each other. Plus, we have been acquiring new companies, and the disparate processes that we had been using could not support our growth. Our work was way too manually intensive,” said Aurora Smith, payroll supervisor at Octapharma Plasma. “We went live with UltiPro in July 2012 as our single, unified solution for our HCM, and right away we were able to reduce administration, deliver time savings, and increase productivity for our teams.”

One primary business advantage that Octapharma Plasma has experienced is the real-time reporting and strategic analytics that are delivered with UltiPro’s business intelligence capabilities. Octapharma Plasma’s teams can instantly pull data across all areas of HCM—HR, payroll, time and attendance, compensation, recruitment, compliance, year-end, and more—to create, modify, and distribute workforce-related reports and notifications. Because the security in UltiPro’s end-to-end platform is unified, Octapharma Plasma does not have to maintain multiple security systems. Executives, managers, and HR-related teams view only the reports they are authorized to access based on specific security profiles.

“We love the reporting functionality in UltiPro. It’s so user-friendly, and we can deliver any kind of report that is asked of us from executives or managers. The level of details, flexibility, and instant, 24-7 access that we now have with UltiPro was not available to us with the payroll service bureau or the multiple systems we had been using,” said Smith. “UltiPro Business Intelligence has been key to supporting our strategic expansion. Our managers have the ability to quickly and accurately assess the productivity of their teams, and our executives are better at analyzing labor costs. Plus, we are eliminating a great deal of paper usage and, as a result, we are seeing both time-and costs-savings.”

With its continued plans for expansion, Octapharma Plasma is also benefiting from UltiPro Onboarding—web functionality that automates and simplifies the process of assimilating new employees into its organization. The HR team can configure welcome packages for targeted employees by job or location; automate tactical logistics; standardize new hire forms and procedures; ensure compliance with up-to-date federal and state forms as well as verification of the employee’s authorization to work in the U.S.; proactively assign provisioning tasks throughout the organization; send automatic notifications to managers and HR teams to monitor the status of new hire activities; and more.

“Getting new employees set up in our company is so much more efficient and seamless with UltiPro. All the logistics, details, and communications are completed very easily,” said Smith. “By providing a positive experience for our newest employees, we have seen a range of business benefits—such as an increase in employee satisfaction, productivity, and engagement as well as reduced labor costs and administration for our HR teams.”

Ultimate’s cloud technology has added significant value to our overall business. All of our teams are happier, and our executives are thrilled with the business results.”

“When customers that had been relying on multiple systems for their HCM operations move to UltiPro, they are often amazed at the breadth of business intelligence and analytics that can be accessed immediately with UltiPro,” said Greg Swick, chief sales officer at Ultimate Software. “We’re very pleased that Octapharma Plasma is seeing notable business benefits across its organization by leveraging our unified HCM solution, and we look forward to supporting its people with flexible, powerful technology as the company stays on course for more expansion.”


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