HRchitect Tech Vendor News: HireVue Digital Interviews Provide Winning Application Process for 2013 Candidate Experience Awards

Talent Board Enhances the Selection Process with HireVue’s Industry-Leading Digital Interviewing Technology, Ensuring all Program Participants Have a Voice

SAN FRANCISCO (August 27, 2013) –Talent Board, a non-profit organization focused on the elevation and promotion of a quality candidate experience, today announced that it will utilize the digital interviewing technology of HireVue, the leading on demand digital interviewing platform provider, to evaluate North American and U.K. candidate experiences provided by organizations participating in the 2013 Candidate Experience Awards (CandE Awards).

While the 2013 CandE Awards will mark the third year that HireVue, a global platinum sponsor of the awards, has provided its technology in Talent Board’s evaluation process, the organization has expanded its use for 2013. For this year’s competition, HireVue’s on demand digital interviews will be used in Round 2 to learn more about the candidate experience that participating organizations offer their candidates. In addition, CandE Award judges will again use HireVue’s live interviews in Round 3 to learn what these organizations are doing to improve their candidate experience. Three months after the winners are announced, the winning companies will share via an on demand interview how they have used the information gained from their benchmarking report to improve or change their candidate experience.

More and more employers have recognized the benefits of using digital interviewing technology as part of an engaging candidate experience and as a way to gain more insight into the skills, qualifications and personalities of their job seekers. Talent Board recognized the benefits HireVue’s digital interviewing technology brings to its own evaluation and selection processes for the CandE Awards. Just as those companies that use the technology in their hiring process can provide candidates with an interactive and positive application process, the organization will be able to better engage program participants and give them a more rewarding experience.

“As HireVue’s on-demand digital interviews provide candidates with a faster, more convenient way to showcase their talents and the strengths they can bring to the employer, it is only natural that we seek to include this technology in our evaluation process,” said Elaine Orler, chairman and co-founder of Talent Board. “Employers can tell us directly about what they are doing to enhance the candidate experience they provide to job seekers, and program judges have a more dynamic and engaging method to make their determinations.”

“Talent Board shares our goal of improving the candidate experience and highlighting the benefits of an enhanced interaction for candidates and employers alike,” said Mark Newman, CEO of HireVue. “In using our platform to evaluate employers, Talent Board is able to streamline its evaluation process. At the same time, the companies that have applied to the 2013 CandE Awards can experience firsthand how our technology provides a convenient, effective and exceptional experience.”


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