HRchitect Tech Vendor News: Jobscience takes Recruiting beyond Resumes with Multimedia Candidate Profiles

Recruiters use Video, Audio and Creative Portfolios to better Evaluate Candidates 

SAN FRANCISCO, August 26, 2013 – Jobscience Inc., the leader in Recruiting Engagement software, today announced that the cloud-based Jobscience Recruiting application now includes multimedia profiles for candidates, adding new dimensions to candidate assessments. This innovative capability allows both recruiters and jobseekers to create multimedia candidate profiles that provide hiring teams with searchable examples of a candidate’s skills and capabilities.

Today’s recruiters and hiring managers rely heavily on text-based resume content or LinkedIn profiles to evaluate candidates. But a simple list of past work experience and skills only offers a fraction of the information needed when hiring creative talent, engineers, architects, athletes, skilled labor and business professionals.

“The focus on resumes is flat and antiquated,” said Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience. “By relying solely on keyword searches of employment history, recruiters are shackled with a flat view of candidates. In addition to resumes, they also need to be able to assess for capabilities and skills within video, performances, creative portfolios and non-traditional sources of data. Jobseekers also want a way to rise above the crowd. Our multimedia profiles leverage cloud-based technology to give candidates a new way to showcase their skills.”

The Jobscience Multimedia Package gives recruiters an efficient way to organize, search, and share a variety of examples of a candidate’s skills with hiring teams during the evaluation process. Employers gain a better understanding of the quality of the candidate by viewing samples of past work and performances, which drive better hiring decisions.

With the Jobscience Multimedia Package, candidates can upload audio, video, photo, graphic and text files during the application process. Recruiters can attach any type of media file to a candidate record, including recorded interviews that can be shared with hiring managers during the selection process. Recruiters can create candidate records that include text documents, web links to public social media profiles, photos, videos, graphics, audio files, and PDFs – organized within a single candidate view within Jobscience Recruiting.

The Jobscience Multimedia Package is immediately available with Jobscience Recruiting.


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